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Best Cheap Ice Cream Maker Reviews

When it comes to best budget ice cream maker, of course, you cannot get some features found on high-end models. Of course, the ice cream you will get has no difference from others. However, you may only get a soft ice cream rather one a hard ice cream. And you may need to add all the ingredients manually. Well, don’t feel worried. At least, ice cream is still ice cream that people love and people who love ice cream don’t care about how it is made.

We have done some research and the following best cheap ice cream makers are carefully selected. They are easy to clean and you can rinse them and use a damp cloth to wipe them out. They are also easy to use due to their mechanisms, so even your kids can join to craft this delicate frozen treat. What’s more, they all offer at least a 1-year warranty.

Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker

Cuisinart-ICE-21-Frozen-Yogurt-Ice-Cream-&-Sorbet-MakerThe reason that people bought this machine is its no fuss and no muss one button design. It is so easy to use. All you need to do is to freeze its freezer bowl in refrigerator for about 24 hours, add your favorite ingredients, and turn it on. The machine will work for you once you have it turned on.

Hamilton Beach 68990 Easy to Store Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton-Beach-68990-Easy-to-Store-Ice-Cream-MakerThis unit has a cloth bucket which allows you to easily fold it up for easy storage and it uses a mixing blade powered by a top-mounted motor to stir the ingredients. This unit uses ice and salt for freezing. Generally, you can use it to make about 4 quarts of ice cream in less than 40 minutes. If you need a large cheap ice cream maker, you cannot miss this.

Aroma 4-Quart Traditional Ice Cream Maker, Fir Wood

Aroma-4-Quart-Traditional-Ice-Cream-Maker-Fir-WoodIf you would like to make ice cream in a classic traditional way, you can choose this Aroma AIC-224W 4-Qt. Ice Cream Maker, because it has a traditional wooden bucket. Both the electric motor and hand crank are allowed and you can use it to make up to 1 gallon of ice cream in less than 40 minutes.

Yaylabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

Yaylabs-SoftShell-Ice-Cream-BallThis unit has its ability to let making ice cream become funny. It is so easy to use, just fill it up and roll it around to get ice cream. You also can ask your kids to get in while you are making ice cream and your kids will feel funny. You can use it anywhere you like, just ensuring there is enough space to roll it around.

Cuisinart ICE-45 Mix It In Soft Serve 1-1/2-Quart Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart-ICE-45-Mix-It-In-Soft-Serve-1-1-2-Quart-Ice-Cream-MakerThis one is similar to an ice cream parlor server and it even has compartments which can be used to dispense special and delicious toppings. This feature can make your homemade ice cream seem special. It is also very easy to use. You need to freeze its freezer bowl for about 12 hours and you can use it to get ice cream in 20 minutes.

This is our list of top 5 Best Cheap Ice Cream Maker Reviews and if you have a limited budget, you can choose one of them.

Best Ice Cream Maker Reviews

On the market, there are plenty of different ice cream makers. The following best ice cream makers were chosen because we considered many factors:


There are many types, like automatic types that can make ice cream pretty easy, manual types that some people may like to make old fashioned ice cream, and all-in-one types which have built-in freezers. Or there are some other models where you need to pre-frozen its bowl or you add to add ice and salt as a freezing medium.

Easy to clean

When we made this list, we choose them which have dishwasher safe parts. Therefore, you can easily clean them. All you need to do is to throw the parts into your dishwasher to wash, and then rinse them and use a damp cloth to wipe out water on their surface.

At least 1 quart of ice cream to make at a time

The units we selected here can make at least a quart of ice cream, which can offer enough tasty dessert to you, your kids and everyone else. If the unit is too small or too large, it has its drawbacks.

No more than 60 minutes frozen treat

A favorite frozen treat can be delivered in in 60 minutes and some of them can do better in less time.

A 1-year warranty is included

All of them offer at least a 1-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about their quality.

Best Ice Cream Maker

Mr Freeze EIM-550 Ice Cream Maker with Compressor

Mr-Freeze-EIM-550-Ice-Cream-MakerThis machine can offer you hard ice cream within 1 hour and soft serve in 40 minutes. It has a simple design and it is very easy to use. It only has 1 button, so the only thing you need to do is to load the ingredients you wish to add. Although it is very simple, it is very versatile. You can use this machine to make frozen yogurt sorbet as well as other frozen treats. This Mr Freeze EIM-550 Ice Cream Maker is good enough for your family.

Hamilton Beach 68320 1-1/2-Quart Capacity Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton-Beach-68320-Ice-Cream-MakerAs 1.5-quart maker, this Hamilton Beach 68320 has a freezer bowl that needs to be pre-frozen for about 24 hours. Therefore, you must have a refrigerator or freezer to do the job. This machine has a large opening in its top, so you can easily add any tasty ingredients. What’s more, it has an alarm to remind you of when you can eat your ice cream. It also has an automatic push button release. Hamilton Beach is a famous brand, so you can trust this maker as its other products.

Nostalgia Electrics ICMP400BLUE 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker

Nostalgia-Electrics-ICMP400BLUE-4-Quart-Electric-Ice-Cream-MakerIf you need a larger ice cream maker, you can choose this 4-quart ice cream maker. This electric machine features a plastic freezer and an ingredient container that is made of aluminum. Although it is a little similar to a classic bucket ice cream machine, it is convenient and easy to clean and wipe out. Its larger capacity makes it perfect for parties, large families, and any occasion where you need to prepare a large amount of ice cream. It is capable of providing your family with the sweetest treat.

West Bend 1-1/2-Quart Ice Cream Maker

West-Bend-1-1-2-Quart-Ice-Cream-MakerOnce you have this West Bend 1-1/2-Quart Ice Cream Maker , your kids will cheer when you plan to make ice cream at home. Aa an all-in-one machine, it can give you more than you think. However, you also need to pre-frozen its freezer bowl for about 12 hours before making your soft serve ice cream.

YayLabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker

YayLabs-Play-and-Freeze-Ice-Cream-Ball-Ice-Cream-MakerIf you want a unit to make ball ice cream, you can rely on this YayLabs Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker. It is very easy to use. You need salt, ice, your loved ice cream ingredients and a large space to roll it around. It is also very easy to clean. Anyone who has this unit can easily make ball ice cream in the camping, back yard, beach, or anywhere else.

This is our list of top 5 best ice cream makers and you choose the right one for your family.


12 Easy Ways to Tell You How to Conserve Water at Home

save-water-at-homeNo matter where you live, drought areas or not, we have our responsibilities to conserve water, because water resource is limited on our planet. Potable water on earth is limited and we need a lot of resources to purify water, costing plenty of money and putting pressure on the environment. The following tips are pretty easy but can help us try our best to save water at home. They don’t tell you not to consume water but consume water in an economical way.

  1. Take showers instead of taking baths. Generally, taking reasonable showers use less water than taking a bath. Filling a bathtub with a large amount of water is a waste of water.
  2. Take a shorter shower. Although taking a shower is helpful to conserve water, if you take a long relaxation shower, there is no different from taking a bath.
  3. Make the dishwasher run as a full load. You’d better not pack it in so tight, or the dishes cannot be effective to be cleaned. However, running a half full dishwasher is a waste of water and energy.
  4. Make your wash machine run as a full load. This is similar to above. It is not recommended to wash a few items. If your clothes that need to be washed is less, you may consider add other items, like curtains, any bedding, table cloths, as well as other items which might need washed.
  5. Gather grey water that is reclaimed from your shower and use it to water your plants. Water your plants with grey water reclaimed from the shower.
  6. If you plan to take good use of grey water, installing a whole house system is a good idea, making the process much easier.
  7. No leaks allowed. Any leak from your faucets or pipes can cause a waste of water. If you don’t pay attention to these leaks, you will find you pay much more for your water bill than other months before. Therefore, checking your faucets and pipes on a regular basis and making sure there is no leak can prevent from wasting water.
  8. Turn off your faucet when you don’t need water. In many situations, we make our faucet turned on without any water needed. For example, when you brush your teeth or hand-wash dishes, you’d better not make your faucet running.
  9. Low-flow faucets and shower heads are helpful to save water. Therefore, when you have to install faucets or shower heads, choosing these low-flow fixtures can save much water for you due to their special features that can effectively choke down the water flow. However, it is not recommended to get them if your current water pressure is very low. In this situation, you don’t have to install them.
  10. Drop a full water bottle or a brick in the toilet’s tank. This can reduce the capacity of the tank and reduce the amount of water each time to fill the tank.
  11. Store drinking water in the refrigerator, if you would like to drink cool water. This is helpful especially in hot summers. If you have a habit of drinking directly from the faucet, you may need to turn on your faucet and leave it running until cold water is ready, which may cause a lot of water wasted. Therefore, just store a few bottles of water in your fridge, and you can get one immediately when you need to drink cool water.
  12. Wash your car with a bucket of water and rinse it off with another bucket of water. This uses less water than use a hose to wash.

How to Make Distilled Water Drinkable

water-lemon-juiceIf you plan to drink pure distilled water, you have to suffer the odd and awful taste of distilled water. If you are the first time to taste it, you will feel it is so terrible. Generally, it is not a big problem if you just stock a few bottles of distilled water for emergency use, because at least they are safe to drink. However, if you tap water is contaminated or cut off, you have to face the serious problem that you have to drink the weird-tasting distilled water. In this situation, how to make distilled water drinkable or tasteful becomes very important. The solution to this problem is pretty simple.

Step 1 – First, you need to decide how much water you may need to drink. If you can drink a whole bottle of water at a time, skip to the next step, or just pour 1 cup of distilled water into a glass.

Step 2 – According to your preferences, there are many different flavor enhancers for you to choose from, like orange or lemon slices, other fruit juice and other powdered drink mix. Choose one of them and add it to your water. If you feel the water tastes a little unpleasant, you can choose orange or lemon slices. Just squeeze a little of the orange or lemon juice into the water. If you want to have a strong fruit taste, you can add more fruit juice, for example, 1/4 cup, or 1/2 cup. A powdered drink mix is also good choice and very convenient.

Step 3 – Taste the water to see whether the flavor is better.

Step 4 –If you feel the taste is a little mild, you can add your chosen flavor enhancer in small amounts and keep tasting until you feel the flavor is what you want. Record how much flavor enhancer you added to a cup of water, because you don’t have to experiment again but add the same amount when you need to prepare another cup of flavored distilled water.

Step 5 – When you have to prepare many cups of flavored distilled water, the record is also useful. You just need to know how many cups of water you need to add enhancer and then pour the water into a larger container. And then multiply the number of cups by the amount of the enhancer. Add the same amount of enhancer you’ve calculated to the container and mix with the water. For instance, if you have 8 cups of water to add flavor, you need to add 4 cups of fruit juice into the container (supposing you added 1/2 cup of fruit juice in the above steps).


  • There are many commercial flavorings for water on the market. However, you should remember some of them are artificially flavored and added more sugar which you may not like. You also can choose some mineral drops that can supplement the minerals in water, making the water tasting fresh. Just stick to the directions on the package which will tell you how much you need to add.
  • You need to know the container can contain how many cups of water. If the size is not large enough, you need to flavor your water cup by cup.

Distilled water is easy to make. You can use a home water distiller to make distilled water at home or just choose some distilled water brands.

Best Small Cooler Reviews

When you plan to have a picnic, or a quick camping trip, you’ll find a smaller cooler is useful and versatile. They are very small and portable. You can use one for storing perishable items or cold items on the way from the grocery store to your home. You even can use it to hold medicines in a short time. For example, insulin needs to be stored under a cooler temperature and such a smaller cooler is a great helper.

When choosing the best smaller cooler, we considered many factors, like durability, portability, insulation quality, ease of carry, prices, ratings, as well as customer reviews. And the following top 5 best smaller coolers can help you quickly find the right one according to your requirements.

5. Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler

Igloo-Island-Breeze-28-Qt-Roller-CoolerThis is a relatively tall cooler and it is also an efficient and convenient cooler. It is equipped with collapsible handle and wheels, which can help you move it with ease. It is also tall enough to hold some taller items, like 2-liter bottles or milk jugs to stand upright. The capacity is 28 quart.

4. California Innovations 9-can Zipperless Hardbody Cooler

California-Innovations-9-can-Zipperless-Hardbody-CoolerThis is also a small and portable cooler which is ideal for day hikes, picnics, as well as afternoon at the beach. Its shoulder strap is adjustable, so you can easily haul it. Its hard-shell interior is also great, avoiding smashing goodies. What’s more, it also comes with several pockets on the canvas exterior for extra storage. This smaller cooler is your idea choice.

3. Engel UC13 13 Quart Dry Box Cooler

Engel-UC13-Ice-Dry-BoxThis model is perfect for many rugged adventures. It is very portable, durable, securable, water-tight and air-tight and it even can float.

2. Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler

Coleman-FlipLid-6-Personal-CoolerIf you are searching for a durable and compact personal cooler, you cannot miss this one. It is very portable and can hold about 6 12-ounce cans. It also comes with the hard casing which can avoid your items from crushing or squishing during transporting.

1. Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler

Yeti-Roadie-20-CoolerThis model is perfect for your perishable items you want to keep cool. It seems a mini fortress. It is able to keep your goods cool for several days. What’s more, its heavy construction makes it very durable and can handle any transportation abuse.

This is our top 5 best smaller coolers reviews and if you need one, you can quickly choose one of them to work for you.

Best Rolling Cooler Reviews

If you plan to have an epic outdoor adventure, you probably want to have a lot of fun without any burden. The basic things you may prepare are drinks and foods which are perishable. Of course, you may need a cooler to keep them cool. However, if you don’t use the right type, such a cooler will be a burden for you. In this case, rolling coolers are your best choice, because such a cooler can help you haul heavier goods easily and cooler contents can be transported easily. Besides the quality and strength, as a cooler, when we made this list of the best rolling coolers, we also consider many factors, such as durability, portability, ice retention. And you can choose one of the following rolling coolers.

5. Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

Coleman-42-Can-Wheeled-Soft-Cooler-With-Hard-LinerThis one is a great choice for travel. It is very versatile and comes with various storage options. What’s more, you can change it between a soft-side cooler and a hard plastic cooler. And it can hold up to 42 cans.

4. T-Rex Large 62-70 Can Collapsible Rolling Cooler

T-Rex-Large-62-70-Can-Collapsible-Rolling-CoolerAlthough this one has a large size, it is also very portable. It offers you plenty of storage space. It is capable of keeping goods cold or hot for 5-8 hours. It also can be collapsed to a very small size for easy storage.

3. Coleman 82 Quart Xtreme 6 Wheeled Cooler

Coleman-82-Quart-Xtreme-6-Day-CoolerThis 82-quart rolling cooler is ideal for day trips or extended family vacations which need to keep a large amount of food and drinks cool. It is easy to move and it also comes with many convenient options, like a drainage channel and beverage holders.

2. Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler

Igloo-1257458-Ice-Cube-Max-Cold-70-RollerThis model combines both convenience and efficiency very well. The adjustable handle allows you to adjust according to your height and it has rough and durable wheels. Its height is able to suit some tall items, like 2-liter milk jugs and soda bottles.

1. Rubbermaid Extreme 5-Day Wheeled Ice Chest/Cooler, 75-Quart

Rubbermaid-Wheeled-Ice-Chest-Cooler-75-Quart-BlueIf you have a long trip and need to store a lot of goods, you really need a large one and this DuraChill is your best choice. It is able to hold about 130 12-couce standard cans. Its rugged wheels make transporting a large load much easier. It is also antimicrobial.

This is our top 5 best rolling coolers reviews. If you need to get one, you also can read more customer reviews and our list can help you quickly find the right one according to your requirements.

Best Camping Cooler Reviews

If you just are looking for the best camping cooler, you should consider some factors, like size, quality and cost. A high quality one can help you keep perishable food fresh and edible. Choosing the best one can suit your camping requirements, so that you don’t have to buy a discount model at a local store every 1 year or 2 years. That’s just a waste of money. Therefore, doing some research before buying a cooler is helpful for you to choose the right one for your camping trip.

We’ve done some research and chosen the top 5 best camping coolers for you to choose from. This list is made based on their durability, quality, capacity, ice retention time, as well as other handy features (like wheels, beverage holders, drainage channels).

5. Polar Bear 48-pack Cooler

Polar-Bear-Coolers-48-Pack-Soft-CoolerNo matter you plan to have a friend adventure or an all-day family adventure, this Polar Bear 48-pack Cooler is your best choice. It is able to keep ice for more than 24 hours. Its outer shell is made of nylon, making it perfect for campsite use. You don’t need to worry about any scratch.

4. Igloo 1257458 Ice Cube Max Cold 70 Roller

Igloo-1257458-Ice-Cube-Max-Cold-70-RollerThis practical and convenient cooler can make you have a good weekend getaway. Its cube shape and deep lid are helpful to maximize the inner space. It also has telescoping handle and touch wheels, so you can easily haul it.

3. Coleman 82 Quart Xtreme 6 Day Cooler

Coleman-82-Quart-Xtreme-6-Day-CoolerIf you need a high capacity camping cooler, you can buy this excellent cooler, because it allows you to pack more food and beverages than you think. Although it is a little heavy, you can easily haul it. Generally, it can keep your food and drinks cool for about six days, depending how much ice you plan to pack in it and the outdoor temperature.

2. Engel ENG35T Deep Blue Ice Box 35qt

Engel-ENG35T-Deep-Blue-Ice-Box-35qtThis one is one of the most durable camping coolers you can rely on. It is able to keep ice for about 7 days. It provides superior insulation due to its 2” walls. It is also compatible with dry ice. Because of its durability, you even can use it as a step stool or seat. It is very convenient, isn’t it? Highly recommend this clear front runner.

1. YETI Tundra Series Coolers

YETI-Tundra-Series-CoolersI think this Yeti Tundra Cooler is definitely the best camping cooler you can choose on the market, thanks to its super high quality. It is bear-proof, very sturdy and can keep your food and drinks cool for several days due to its superior insulation. It is also compatible with dry ice. More and more people have bought it and they highly recommend it.

This is our top 5 best camping cooler and you can choose one of them according to your real requirements. You also can read more customer reviews before making a decision.

Best Electric Cooler Reviews

When it comes to the best coolers, thermoelectric coolers don’t use ice pack or ice cubes to cool a confined space but use electricity to drag heat out of the cooler and keep the chamber cool. Therefore, all your perishable goods can be kept for a long time. This type of coolers has many uses and they can offer convenience to boat trips, road trips, camping trips, concerts or tailgating parties, as well as other outdoor social events. Because of not relying on ice, you don’t need to worry about replenishing ice. What’s more, not replenishing ice means you can store more drinks and food in the cooler.

We’ve chosen the top 5 best electric coolers on the market, according to their high quality, capacity, durability, efficiency, ratings, as well as customer reviews.

5. Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric Cooler

Igloo-Iceless-Thermoelectric-CoolerMany people spoke highly of its reliability and practicality. It is large enough and can hold more items than you think. It can keep your things very cool. It is also very portable.

4. Koolatron P-20 Thermo – Electric 12-Volt 18 Quart Compact Cooler/Warmer

Koolatron-P-20 Thermo-Compact-Cooler-WarmerIf you need a much more portable cooler for your compact space, you can choose this narrow, steel cooler. It is ideal for car or boat use. It can act as a heater or cooler. It is very portable and the height is only 9 pounds.

3. Coleman 40 Quart PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler with Vehicle Outlet

Coleman-40-Quart-PowerChill-Thermoelectric-CoolerThis cooler/warmer is very versatile and allows you to easily control the temperature. Maybe it is not as large as others, but it is highly recommended by many people thanks to its efficiency, convenience and ease of use. It can be easily used in both car and home environment.

2. Igloo Cool Chill 40 with 110V Converter (40-Quart, Mercury)

Igloo-Cool-Chill-40-with-110V-ConverterThis is a 40-Quart cooler and it works efficiently to keep your perishable goods about 40F cooler than the surrounding air. It can easily hold about 52 12-ounce cans. What’s more, adjustable dividers are also included for better organizing the inner space of your cooler.

1. Koolatron 29 Quart Voyager Thermoelectric 12-Volt Cooler

Koolatron-29-Quart-Voyager-Thermoelectric-12-Volt-CoolerThis electric cooler is perfect for those who need a durable, spacious and versatile cooler. It is pretty easy to use. Besides being a cooler, you also can use it as a heat. Just plug it right in the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, making it pretty good for traveling.

This is our top 5 best electric coolers reviews and you can choose one of them according to your needs.

Best Cooler Reviews

If you plan to have a weekend trip to the beach or pack up for several days in the forest or woods, you will find a cooker is an essential tool you need. The portability of a cooling system can allow you to easily keep a large amount of perishable different types of goods and this can help you have a great vocation. When it comes to the best cooler you plan to buy, a few important factors must be taken into account, like durability, portability, storage options(such as straps and pockets), and ice retention.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of top rated best coolers for you to choose from and they were chosen based on the upper factors, as well as other factors, such as prices, ratings as well as customer reviews.

1.Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler

If you need to have an epic cooler, you can trust the Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler thanks to its extreme attention to detail and epic construction. It is definitelyYeti-Roadie-20-Cooler a lifetime cooler you can have. Even dry ice is compatible with it and it is also UV-resistant. It is capable of keeping your goods cook for several days thanks to its PermaForst insulation. It really deserves a try.

2.Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

Coleman-54-Quart-Steel-Belted-CoolerThis cooler has been around for more than 50 years and many people choose it due to its durability, as well as ease of cleaning. It also very large and can hold more items than you imagine. As a functional cooler, it provides less ice retention time, compared with other coolers on this list.

3.Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler

Igloo-Island-Breeze-28-Qt-Roller-CoolerThe Igloo Island Breeze 28 Qt. Roller Cooler is perfect for taking heavier goods and is great for limited spaces and crowded areas. Its height is enough and it can fit 2-little bottles and it is able to hold up to 38 12-ounce standard cans. The telescoping handle and durable wheels strengthen its portability and you can easily transport it with ease.

4.Coleman 82 Quart Xtreme 6 Wheeled Cooler

Coleman-82-Quart-Xtreme-6-Wheeled-CoolerIf you need a cooler with high capacity storage, you can choose this Coleman 82 Quart Xtreme 6 Wheeled Cooler. And if you plan to have a longer camping trip, it is the right choice. It is very large and can hold up to 129 cans. Ice can be kept for several days, while others only keep ice for several hours.

5.Polar Bear Coolers Backpack

Polar-Bear-Coolers-BackpackIf you need a superb portable cooler, you can choose this Polar Bear Back Pack Cooler. It is easy to carry and it comes with several organizational and storage options, so you can make your goods kept in order and you can easily find them. It is a little small and can hold 24 12-ounce cans. It also comes with a top rated insulation.

This is our top 5 best coolers reviews and you can choose one of them according to your demands and conditions.

Top 10 best free alternatives for paid services

freemoney2When it comes to cutting expenses from your current budget, this doesn’t mean you have to give up something to lower your living quality. This means you can look for some free alterative for your current paid services and these free services are not different your paid services. Here, we’ve listed top 10 best free alternatives for paid service in your life.

1. Free Cable/Satellite

If you wish to chase the latest episodes you love the most, you can use Hulu instead of cable or satellite to keep up with them. Hulu even can offer you some shows on premium channels, such as history,lifetime, HGTV, etc. and then you can hook an antenna up to your TV to search for the latest shows to chase. On the internet, there are many networks that can offer at least 2 channels of programming, making more free TV available than before.

2. Free Movie Subscriptions

On Crackle and Hulu, there are plenty of free movies you can catch. Therefore, if you want to save money on watching the movie, browsing their libraries to find more free movies is really a good idea. If you want to see a relatively new movie, you can sign up with your mobile phone to receive the notice from Redbox. You can send a text message (offers)to 727272, and then a free rental code will be sent to you on the first Monday of every month.

3. Free Antivirus Software

If you are just using paid antivirus software, now you can try some free software, like AVG, Avast, or Microsoft Security Essentials. They are powerful enough to protect your computer without any virus or malware. They are free, which is very important. Now, you have enough reasons to trade in your current paid antivirus subscription.

4. Free Magazines

You also can end up your magazine subscriptions, when it is time to come up for renewal. In fact, there are some ways to avoid the paid renewal. You can use the method in this article to snag a free subscription for another year, or just make your current subscription run out but just get the latest magazine from the library. Nowadays, there are plenty of libraries allow you to check out magazines or download digital versions. In a word, borrowing seems better than buying, because you don’t need to pay more money and deal with outdated magazines that pile up.

5. Free Internet Service

Now you can try free wireless internet service from FreedomPop but ditch your broadband or DSL internet service. If the 4G free service is not available in your area, you can consider free wi-fi hot spots instead.

6. Free Cellphone Services

You can easily get 500MB of free data every month if you sign up on FreedomPop. You also use some apps like Heywire or Textfree to test for free, and you also can sue Textfree, Skype Mobile, or Viber to make free calls. You should kick the pricey cell phone package to the curb.

7. Long Distance

If you need to make a long-distance call, you can use Skype or other online voice service or your cellphone to make a long-distance call. To avoid that, you’d better cancel your long distance service on your landline.

8. Free Dental Care

Dental Care is also pricey and you can search for dental schools in your area. And then visit their website and make a call to know what kinds of dental services they provide. This can help you find free or cheaper dental care. If you are just a low-income individual, you may find free dental services in your local health department. You also can look for some free dental clinic. Here is website called, and visit it to check whether there is or will be a free dental care in your area.

9. Free Haircuts

You can look for a cosmetology school in your area and the service from it may be cheap or free. What’s more, if you are a hair model, some salons may provide a free cut.

10. Free Gym Membership

You may think you have to go to a gym for exercise. However, more and more church gyms offer the same amenities that a paid gym offers. These great amenities include walking tracks, weight rooms, game courts, or exercises classes. Therefore, you can find a church without the membership fee.