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Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer Review

Stork-Craft-Portofino-Convertible-EspressoThe Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer offers 3 different support heights, which allow you to easily adjust the height according to your little one’s height. It is also very versatile. When your baby grows up, you can easily change it into a toddler bed. Plus, you also can convert it into a daybed and then a headboard as well as a footboard for your kid’s full-sized crib. This means this solid wood crib can company your baby for a very long time. An attached changer is also included and this changer is helpful to make your baby safe and convenient when changing her or him. And deep drawers are also included, so you can have more extra space to store something for your little one.

This crib is also very appealing, become it has a waterproof vinyl changing pad that are especially designed for the changer. In the future, when you plan to convert the bed, the attached changer can become a nightstand, which means this crib grows up along with your baby. What’s more, the class sleigh design is also very attractive. Its design is compatible with any nursery decor.

This best crib also comes with a 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer. And you need to assemble it, which is not so complicated and can be a pride task.

[Rating: 5/5 stars]

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Top 5 Best Food Choppers Reviews

If you have used a manual knife to do chopping tasks, you will find it is so difficult. In these situations, a food chopper is a must-have item in your kitchen. When it comes to chopping performance, food choppers give the same performance that a knife can give. However, such a chopper can do the job faster and much more efficiently. We only selected manual food chopper, because they are much simpler in design and if you can an electric one, these motorized choppers will blur the line between a small food processor and a food chopper. Therefore, we only discuss food choppers that are going to be activated manually.

Best Food Chopper

The following top 5 best food choppers were selected for you. They are all able to make your food vegetable preparation quickly and easily. And they are all compact and can be stored in your cabinet or in a deep drawer. Their accessories, like the bowl, the cutting parts, are all dishwasher safe. Therefore, it is pretty easy to clean. Once the chopping task is finished, you just need to throw these accessories in your dishwasher for easy and quick cleaning. Although some components are made of plastic, all the blades are made of stainless steel.

Several ways are available to power these choppers, including pull cords, crank handles, and pump action. Different models one this list may use different ways. However, it is up to you. You decide which one is the best. Generally, all of them are protected a 1-year warranty at least.

Zyliss Easy Pull Manual Food Processor and Chopper

best food chopper Zyliss-Easy-Manual-Processor-ChopperThis model features a unique design and it is made in Swiss. It is so strong that it is able to deal with even frozen foods. This one uses a pull cord that needs you to give it some good pulls to make the blades spinning quickly. Its mechanics are inside its cover, so it is only suitable for damp wipe for cleaning. Other parts are all dishwasher safe, so it is simple to clean. The bowl has a capacity of 25 ounces, make it very portable for RV campers, dorm rooms, etc. Although it is a little pricey, its performance and high quality justify its price tag. What’s more, it is protected by a 5-year warranty. If you need a high quality manual food chopper, this one is definitely one of the best choices.

The Pampered Chef Cutting Edge Food Chopper

Pampered-Chef-Cutting-Edge-ChopperThis one has the highest price tag on this list, but it is also the easiest to operate. You just need to push its handle down at first, and then you can chop vegetables beneath its sharp blade with ease. We check many customer reviews, and most people think it is a delight to use. It comes with a 5-year warranty. Therefore, this one is designed to be so strong that it can last for many years in your kitchen.

As the best food chopper on this list, some people maybe are not able to use this mode. This is because the operation requires strength. To use it, you need to physically press down its blade and forcefully using its hand at the top. Therefore, this model seems not suitable for those who have fragile bones, or arthritis in the arms and hands.

Freshware KT-402 4-in-1 Food Chopper

Freshware-KT-402-Chopper-Vegetable-ContainerThis Freshware KT-402 features a self-contained and neat design, so you can use it to dice, chop and slice any veggie with ease. Its blades are very sharp. And this chopper uses gravity to make all the work done. The operation is very easy. You just need to upraise its handle, and then place the vegetable beneath it, and then push down, and then all the work can be done by this best food chopper. All the components are very easy to clean because they are all dishwasher safe. And it is also easy to store. When you don’t need to use it, just store it in your shallow drawer, not occupying your countertop space. If you need a basic food chopper for your family, this one is worth considering.

Chef’s Rival Chopper

Chefs-Rival-Chopper-Ultimate-Euro-GourmetAs one of the most versatile food choppers, this Jesco Chef’s Rival Chopper offers more option in its crank handle. It allows up to 9 attachments to work with, help you do anything that an electric unit can do. You can use it to dice, slice, juice, chop, grate potatoes, separate eggs, and more at its 26 ounce bowl. It also can be a great RV food chopper, because even you are in a pinch, you can use this manual chopper to make a gourmet meal. Its versatility and affordable price make it one of the best models on this list. Plus, it is protected by a 1-year warranty. And its blades can last for a lifetime of use.

Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper (Arugula)

Chefn-VeggiChop-Hand-Powered-Chopper-ArugulaThis chopper uses a pull cord. If you need one with a pull cord, consider this Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper. Actually, as a pull cord model, it performs the same as the Zyliss chopper because of tis easy pull cord, dishwasher safe features, stainless blades, as well as its compact size. The only issue is it only offers a 30-day warranty from its manufacturer. However, this doesn’t imply it is not worth buying. Once you have it, you will be impressed by its functionality, durability and ease of use. It can be great for your kitchen. If you need a basic chopper to deal with light duty work (like cutting lettuce, chopping onions, making salsa, etc), it is the best one.

Best Toddler Playpen Reviews

When you little one learns to walk and take his first step, you will find it is so difficult to take care of your tot. This is because he or she cannot wait to walk. However, in this situation, this doesn’t mean he or she can run full of the house and you cannot watch your little one all the time. Sometimes, you really need a toddler playpen, because it is really the safest spot for your tot. This is useful when you have to prepare dinner for others and have not time to take care of your little one.

Here, we have made a list of top 5 best toddler playpens on the market. Another reason is that they can offer more play space in contrast to a standard play-and play. We also check many toddler playpen reviews and they are all top rated. The prices are also reasonable.

Best Toddler Playpen

5. Dream On Me Circular Playard, Red/Yellow

Dream-Me-Circular-Playard-Yellow-300x218This play yard has a friendly design and all sharp edges are eliminated, making it very safe to your toddlers. And this can also prevent your toddlers from climbing. It is also very portable. Plus, it comes with a floor mat. No matter where you plan to use it, the floor mat can protect your little ones from contacting the cold floor.

4. Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard

Joovy-701-Room2-Portable-Playard-300x267This play yard is larger than a standard pack-and-play and it is also very portable. Parents who have purchased it say it is so easy to assemble. What’s more, it has no limitation on weight, which means it is also suitable for older babies. And the price is also very cheap.

3. North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood Gate

North-States-Superyard-Wood-Gate-300x286This one has a high-end look, because it is totally made of wood, not plastic. If you have seen plastic play yards, you will know the difference between them. It is also very versatile, because it allows to configure it in many different sizes and shapes. This feature is very useful, because you can adjust it according to your room space.

2. Friendly Toys Little Playzone with Electronic Lights and Sounds

Friendly-Toys-Little-Playzone-Electronic-300x300This play zone cannot only act as a safe spot but also as a play center. Because of its entertaining features, it is able to make your toddlers entertained. It has lights and electronic sound. Parents who have buy their little ones this play zone spoke highly of its performance. They say this model can attract their little ones and it is fun for their toddlers. Plus, it has a colorful design which is also great.

1. Primo Play Yard Cabana

Primo-PRI-930Navy-Play-Yard-Cabana-300x234This best toddler playpen is made of sun-proof fabric, making it very durable. Plus, it also offers a sunshade, so it is perfect for outdoor use. If you love to play with your tot outdoor, this Primo Play Yard Cabana is really a good choice. It is also large enough for up to 2 toddlers. And you don’t need to assemble it when you receive it, because it is fully assembled, making it very convenient to use.

Ragalta RWC-195 Purelife Series High Efficiency Thermo Electric Hot and Cold Water Cooler Review

Ragalta RWC-195 Purelife Series High Efficiency Thermo Electric Hot and Cold Water CoolerIf you are looking for an affordable cold and hot water cooler dispenser, the Ragalta RWC-195 Purelife Series High Efficiency Thermo Electric Hot and Cold Water Cooler is one of the must-have kitchen appliances for you.

The reasons:

Besides its affordability, many of its features make you have enough reasons to purchase it.

  • Offer you instant hot water to make a cup of tea, rather than waiting for a long time for your electric kettle. You can also use its hot water to make other hot beverages, like coffee, soup, milk powder, etc.
  • Offer you instant ice cold water in a hot summer, making you no need to make ice cubes in your refrigerator.

Key Features:

Dispense both hot and ice cold water

This dispenser can dispense so hot water that you can make a cup of tea, coffee, as well as other hot beverages. And you don’t need to wait for a long time for hot water in front of your electric kettle. In hot summers, you may feel satisfied with a glass of ice cold water. The cold water can be below 15°C, and the hot water temperature can be from 85°C to 95°C.

A child safety lock included

It has a child safety lock on its hot water spout, so this can protect your children from burning themselves carelessly.

Compatible with 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles

This model is compatible with both 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles. If your family needs to dispense water frequently, a 5-gallon water bottle is better. On the contrary, choosing a smaller water bottle is much better. This is because it is not recommended to make water stored in the water bottle for a relatively long time.

Easy to use

To avoid any spilling, this system comes with a non-spill water guard system. A LED indicator is included, so you can read its status clearly.

ETL approved and a 1-year warranty is included.

This system is ETL approved and the manufacturer comes with a 1-year warranty.


The cheap price tag and its features make it most suitable for homes and offices. If you need a cheaper water cooler dispenser, it is definitely one of your best choices. Although it seems cheap, it comes with almost all the features that are found in some high-end models. If you have a lot of office needed to put a lot of water dispenser, this water cooler dispenser can save you much more than you think.

Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser
When you need to dispense water, you just need to use your cup to press against the paddle and the flow of water will come out easily. If you need ice cold or crisp water, it is able to dispense due to its highly efficient compressor. Therefore, in the hot summers, you don’t need to add ice cubes to your beverages, because the cold water is cold enough for you. It also offers enough hot water for you to cook instant coffee, tea, soup or other hot beverages. To protect our kids from burning themselves, a child safety lock is added to the hot water faucet. This water dispenser is also UL listed. As an appliance that complies with all standards of the Energy Star, it deserves to have.

Key Features:

Stylish and Ultra-Slim Design

This best water dispenser comes with a stylish and ultra-slim design. The combination of black and white colors makes it very stylish and it can be compatible with any decor in your house. The ultra-slim design means this dispenser takes up less floor space. Therefore, you can place it easily without worrying about a lot about the floor space.

Dispense both cold water and hot water

As a cold/hot water dispenser, it dispenses both cold and hot water. The cold water is crisp and even ice cold. In hot summer, this feature is useful. Once you have it, you don’t need to add any ice cube into your drink any more. Hot water is also convenient. You can use hot water to cook tea, coffee or other instant hot beverages.

Easy-to-use paddle spouts

Avalon-Premium-Loading-Dispenser-Approved-dispener0With this dispenser, you will find it is so easy to dispense water due to its easy-to-use paddle spouts. You just use your cup or glass to press against its paddle and then water will flow out. And the whole process can be done with one hand. It is quite convenient to use.

A child safety lock is included

The hot water is so hot. Therefore, in order to protect the kids from burning themselves, the hot water faucet has a child safety lock which can avoid any splash.

Compatible with 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles

If you have fewer people, you can choose a 3-gallon water bottle, or a 5-gallon bottle is enough for a big family.

Energy Star Approved and UL listed

This cooler is approved Energy star, which means it works highly efficiently. It is also UL listed.

Where to Buy

It is highly recommended to buy it on Amazon, because you can get the largest discount and there are plenty of customer reviews for you to check. These reviews can help you quickly get its pros and cons.

The average rating of this hot water dispenser on Amazon is 4.5 out of 5 stars. And there are over 90 customer reviews.


As one of the most popular and top rated cold/hot water dispenser, this system deserves to have. No matter where you use it (in an office or just use it in your kitchen), its slim and stylish design make it match any decor. Plus, it uses less floor space. As a top rated water dispenser, it can offer you both cold and hot water.

Clover B9A Hot and Cold Countertop Water Dispenser Review

Clover-B9A countertop water dispenserThis Clover B9A Hot and Cold Countertop Water Dispenser can do offer you fresh chilled water. And if you need a high quality and top rated countertop water dispenser, it is definitely one of your best choices. Many high-end features are included:

Get hot water at your finger tips

This unit has an automatic thermostat which is able to avoid any overheating and can maintain a stable hot water temperature. In its back, a switch is also included. If hot water is unnecessary, you can turn it off to save energy. Instant hot water is perfect for hot beverages(like tea, or coffee), or soups. For example, you can use hot water to cook noodle soup, cook hot oatmeal, or make a cup of tea, coffee or cocoa.

Efficient Cooling System

This dispenser has an efficient cooling system. When it is working, it is also very quiet. There is no need to worry about any increasing on your energy bill. Therefore, just feel free to run it. Plus, its cold water thermostat allows you to easily control its temperature according to your preference.


This system is built with UV protected, high density ABS (polyethylene), making it very strong and there is not any problem of corrosion and rusting. It can last for many years to come.

Fit in any area

No matter where you plan to place it, it can fit well. Its countertop design fits in any kitchen or office area. It is so compact that it is perfect for small apartments, break rooms, condos, conference areas, a waiting room, etc.

Easy to maintain

It has a removable abs drip tray that can catch any drip and it is very easy to clean it.


You can enjoy clean, fresh water just about anywhere with this convenient cooler.

[Rating: 4.7/5]

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Avanti WD31EC Hot and Cold Countertop Water Cooler Review

Avanti WD31EC Hot and Cold Countertop Water CoolerThis Avanti WD31EC Hot and Cold Countertop Water Cooler is able to dispense both cold and hot water and it is great for personal use. However, its size limits its use, but it is so affordable, making it perfect for those who don’t want to pay more for a water dispenser. The small size also means less space needed. This cold and hot water dispenser can hold 2-gallon, 3-gallon, and 5-gallon water bottles. It also has 2 switches on its back to allow you to turn on or off both cold and hot water. The cold water might be less chilly than you think, because it uses thermoelectric technology but not a compressor to cool water. This doesn’t seem a big problem. It is known that drinking cold water is harmful to our stomach.

The safety of this dispenser is also very good. It has a safety latch on the hot water valve, so this can prevent your children from getting burning by hot water, when they accidentally open the hot water valve. The drip tray can catch any spill and is removable, making it easy to be cleaned.

Even if this Avanti WD31EC is so small, it also has built-in cup storage. Therefore, you can store some disposal cups.

Its LED display can show all functions, which give me a friendly using experience. Plus, you can also turn on its energy saving mode to save more some energy.

[Rating: 4.2/5]

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Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light Review

Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light Review

Moonrays-91380-solar-paath-lightsThis Moonrays 91381 solar path light can really bring you 2x-brighter lighting and there is no wiring needed. Therefore, you can buy these 8-pack solar lights to easily decorate your outdoor space. They are made from durable plastic and has hammered-glass lens, so they can last for a long time for you due to their weatherproof feature. Their hammered look is very classic and gives shape and style to the light which shines. Its light beam is able to cover a wide range area, because the beam delivery 120-degree wide angle. During the day, the built-in photovoltaic solar panel will charge the built-in rechargeable battery that is a rechargeable 400mh AA NiCd battery. At dusk, the Led bulb will be turned on and powered by the rechargeable battery.

Compared with other solar path lights, they can be much brighter, because each can put out 2.5 lumens of lighting. Lumen is used to measure the brightness. And if the battery is full charged during the day, they can last for up to 8 hour at night.

Plus, a 1-year warranty is included.

We think, as one of the most popular solar path lights, if you are looking for an economical way of path lighting, they are the best. They are very cheap. Even if you need plenty of them, they will not be a big burden for you. The average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars. We also check many customer reviews and they highly recommend this pack.

[rating: 4.2/5]

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Honeywell HWB1052S 39″ Freestanding Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Honeywell-HWB1052S Freestanding Water Cooler Dispenser

This Honeywell HWB1052S freestanding water cooler dispenser has a silver finish which seems less utilitarian but more practical than others. As a cold and hot water dispenser, both faucets have mechanical push-in levers that are very sturdy. Like most water dispensers, it doesn’t allow to control the water temperature. That’s a reason that is more affordable than others. This model has a child safety lock on its hot water lever, so this design can effectively protect your kids from burning themselves accidentally. If you have children, this feature is a must-have one. Its drip tray can catch any spill easily, so this can protect your floor or carpet. And it is also removable and easy to clean. Its tank is also made of food grade stainless steel which can eliminate any plastic taste in your water. Plus, this freestanding water cooler dispenser also has a unique design that can prevent spills when you are changing the water bottle.

[rating: 4.2/5 stars]

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NewAir WCD-210BK Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Review

NewAir-WCD-210BKThis NewAir WCD-210BK Hot and Cold Water Dispenser is one of best water cooler dispensers from NewAir. It has a nice and unique design, so you will find it is very simple and hygienic to replace a water bottle. This WCD-210BK Water Dispenser has a water bottle puncture at its top, so it is much easier to replace a new water bottle and you don’t need to worry about any spills. This is because you don’t need to puncture the lid before replacing.

This model can accommodate 2-gallon, 3 gallon and 5-gallon water bottles. Its tank is made of food grade stainless steel, which can be very stable and avoid any bad taste in water. Therefore, it is safe to use. If you have a large family, you can choose a 5-gallon bottle, or a 2 or 3 gallon bottle is enough. A basic principle is that you should not leave the water in the bottle for a long time.

This WCD-210BK water dispenser is able to dispense both cold and hot water. To dispense water, you need to press its button. However, it doesn’t have any dedicated safety lock for hot water. Another useful feature is that it can fill any small bottle with water easily, because it has small nozzles on its faucets. This is cool. For example, if you plan to go out and want to fill your water bottle with water, you can easily do that and you don’t need to buy bottled water any more.

In a word, this unit is a well-designed model on the market. Many people spoke highly of its small footprint, ease of use, attractive design and affordable price. This one is ideal for any office, home, as well as retail space.

[rating: 4.5/5]

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