Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser Review

Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser
When you need to dispense water, you just need to use your cup to press against the paddle and the flow of water will come out easily. If you need ice cold or crisp water, it is able to dispense due to its highly efficient compressor. Therefore, in the hot summers, you don’t need to add ice cubes to your beverages, because the cold water is cold enough for you. It also offers enough hot water for you to cook instant coffee, tea, soup or other hot beverages. To protect our kids from burning themselves, a child safety lock is added to the hot water faucet. This water dispenser is also UL listed. As an appliance that complies with all standards of the Energy Star, it deserves to have.

Key Features:

Stylish and Ultra-Slim Design

This best water dispenser comes with a stylish and ultra-slim design. The combination of black and white colors makes it very stylish and it can be compatible with any decor in your house. The ultra-slim design means this dispenser takes up less floor space. Therefore, you can place it easily without worrying about a lot about the floor space.

Dispense both cold water and hot water

As a cold/hot water dispenser, it dispenses both cold and hot water. The cold water is crisp and even ice cold. In hot summer, this feature is useful. Once you have it, you don’t need to add any ice cube into your drink any more. Hot water is also convenient. You can use hot water to cook tea, coffee or other instant hot beverages.

Easy-to-use paddle spouts

Avalon-Premium-Loading-Dispenser-Approved-dispener0With this dispenser, you will find it is so easy to dispense water due to its easy-to-use paddle spouts. You just use your cup or glass to press against its paddle and then water will flow out. And the whole process can be done with one hand. It is quite convenient to use.

A child safety lock is included

The hot water is so hot. Therefore, in order to protect the kids from burning themselves, the hot water faucet has a child safety lock which can avoid any splash.

Compatible with 3-gallon or 5-gallon bottles

If you have fewer people, you can choose a 3-gallon water bottle, or a 5-gallon bottle is enough for a big family.

Energy Star Approved and UL listed

This cooler is approved Energy star, which means it works highly efficiently. It is also UL listed.

Where to Buy

It is highly recommended to buy it on Amazon, because you can get the largest discount and there are plenty of customer reviews for you to check. These reviews can help you quickly get its pros and cons.

The average rating of this hot water dispenser on Amazon is 4.5 out of 5 stars. And there are over 90 customer reviews.


As one of the most popular and top rated cold/hot water dispenser, this system deserves to have. No matter where you use it (in an office or just use it in your kitchen), its slim and stylish design make it match any decor. Plus, it uses less floor space. As a top rated water dispenser, it can offer you both cold and hot water.