Best Attic Fans Reviews

During hot summer, you would not like to go into your attic. Once you go into it, you will find it is so hot inside and you will feel stifled. The feeling is as same as a dry sauna. One thing we should pay attention. Heat that is trapped in your attic may damage your roofing materials. What’s worse, heat trapped will make your home hot and you may cost more to cool your house. Therefore, you need an attic fan to exhaust hot air in the attic so that temperatures indoors and outdoors will be equalized, which can reduce your house deterioration and save money on the energy bill. If duct work goes through your attic, such a fan is a necessity. You can choose the root mount fans or gable mount fans. You also can choose one powered by electricity or solar energy. Here, we selected top rated best attic fans. Some of them are powered by electricity and some of them are powered by the sun. We also tried our best to find some ones which are easy to install.

Natural Light Energy Systems 30-Watt Roof Mounted Attic Fan

Natural-Light-Energy-Systems-30-Watt-Roof-Mounted-Attic-FanThis fan is powered by the sun rather than using electricity. Therefore, it doesn’t increase your energy bill. It is also very easy to install and you can install it within an hour. It also comes with a 25-year warranty and you are also qualified for a solar tax credit. Highly recommend!

Ventamatic VX1000SOLARWG Solar Powered Roof Attic Ventilator with 12.6-Watt 18-Volt DC Motor

Ventamatic-VX1000SOLARWGThis one is also powered by the sun and it can effectively reduce heat inside your attic, making it no chance to build up. This unit has a 12.6-watt solar panel to charge its motor. Therefore, it is not difficult to install and no electrical wiring is needed.

Broan 353 Gable Mount Ventilator

Broan-353-Gable-Mount-VentilatorThis one is a gable mount unit and it can turn off or on automatically according to the heat builds inside the attic. This means once there is much heat trapped in the attic. It will begin to work or it will turn itself off. To prevent some unwanted pets from entering the fan, it has a wire screen to protect itself. This gable mounted fan can help you save on the energy bill.

Ventamatic CX1500 Power Gable Ventilator Fan

Ventamatic-CX1500-Power-Gable-Ventilator-FanThis model has a thermostat to monitor the temperature inside the attic and it allows you to set a temperature you would like. Once the temperature is higher than a preset thermostat setting, it will turn it on automatically to expel hot air. If the temperature drops, it will turn it off automatically. You can mount it on any existing gable louvers, which can protect your shingles, your attic and save on your energy bill.

Honeywell 527SHON103BLK 12-Watt Gable Mount Solar Powered Attic Fan

Honeywell-12-Watt-Attic-FanThis unit enables you to install it behind your existing gable vents in the attic. It provides 30 feet of wire used to connect from your solar panel to the motor. 30 feet long wiring can allow you to place the solar panel suitably to get maximum sun exposure. You may be qualified for state or federal tax rebates, once you have installed this solar powered fan.