Best Cockroach Killers Reviews

I think no one would like to live with cockroaches at home. Cockroaches are so disgusting. Well, what can we do if they invade our house?

The Cockroaches is one kind of ancient species. They evolved with extinct dinosaurs. In nature, they play an important role in the food chain. However, when they invade our house, apartment or home, they become a disgusting insect. Without any natural predators, they become unscrupulous – overrun any dwelling. They especially love to flourish in areas where there are full of food particles, like crumbs on counters or one the floor, grease from cooking and other uncleaned food stuffs. These areas full of good particles become their paradise. Therefore, if you plan to kill them, you should have to clean up these areas, making sure all the food particles cleaned up, or they will re-infest these areas.

As one kind of notorious insects, cockroaches are not easy to get rid of due to their hardiness. Therefore, all the best cockroaches on this list can be 100% effective to kill them. These killers are able to kill cockroaches most effectively and they are easy to use. We don’t consider the cost, because we have no choice but to get rid of these gusting pests. However, one thing you must remember although they are toxic, you should keep them far away from your pets and kids, ensuring that they are very hard to get.

Bayer 2 Tubes Maxforce FC Magnum Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Gel Bait

Roach-Pest-Control-Gel-BaitThis pest killer is very effective and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, when you use it, you’d better not spray it near baits, not use it in very dusty areas, and not use cleaners or heavy detergents, because the gel will dry out and roaches still would like to eat it up and roaches finally die. This killer is regarded as the top rated Pest Control Gel Bait and there are so many people who have bought it. It is really a must-have for your kitchen.

Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder With Lure, 16 oz.

Harris-Boric-Acid-Roach-Powder-with-LureThis one is a versatile one and it can kill not only kill roaches, but also water bugs, silverfish and palmetto bugs. It is able create a barrier through which roaches as well as other pests must crawl. It contains a food attractant, so cockroaches cannot refuse it. It also comes with an applicator tube which helps to apply it to areas difficult to reach. It is so effective.

Combat 41913 Source Kill Roach Killing System

Combat-41913-Source-Kill-Roach-Killing-SystemAs a bait station, it is pretty easy to use and very safe to use. It contains a metabolism altering substance which is called hydramethylon. A roach may carry this substance to its nest and roaches that ingest it will be killed too. The price is very low.

Raid Max Roach Killer

Raid-Max-Roach-KillerThis killer is a spray on synthetic pyrethrin. For lasting effects, it is infused with a petrochemical oil. It is pretty easy to use, just spray areas where roaches would like to congregate or just spray the area where you see roaches in sight. It is also very cheap, no more than $10.

Black Flag Roach Killing Chalk

Black-Flag-Roach-Killing-ChalkThis product is very easy to use. You can spread it along roach trackways you have known and you also can use it as a barrier between water/food sources and roaches. If they have crossed the line, they will not get a chance to cross it again, because they have been killed.