Best Countertop Water Filter Reviews

Countertop water filters are essential if you find there is no extra space under the sink to install a RO system, but you want to have a filter to purify water. Although there are so many countertop water filters you can find on the market, it is really hard to find the best one, because the manufacturers are prone to advocate that their filters are high quality and adopt latest innovation. However, not all the models are good enough and some are even poor. Therefore, we’ve selected the best countertop water filter to help you find want you really need.

best countertop water filter

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System

New-Wave-Enviro-10-Stage-Water-Filter-SystemThis one is a 10-stage system that can provide you with safe, clean and good-tasting water. If you want to remove the bad smell and taste from our tap water, it is really good enough. Major contaminants will be removed to a safe level – below EPA minimum levels. It is also very easy to install. You just need to attach it to the faucet and use conversion kits to mount under the sink. Every day it can offer you about 4 gallons of clean water – about 1,500 gallons per year. This means you don’t need to change the filter within 1 year, if you have a family of 4. It allows you to get your money back, if you dislike it after purchasing. 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer is also included. The rating is up to 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System

Tap-Master-Counter-Top-Water-Filtration-SystemThis Tap Mater countertop filter doesn’t need much countertop space and is easy to install. The water will be purified through several stages. Therefore, 93% of fluoride and arsenic in our tap water can be removed. Fluoride in water can cause some serious diseases, like gastrointestinal illnesses, bone diseases etc. This model uses a channel blocker to protect the filter. This is similar to some other granular-based filters. Once you have it, no matter bacteria-bearing , or foul-tasting toxins, or chlorine, VOCs as well as other contaminants can be effectively removed by this water filtration system. To my surprise, healthy minerals are left in filtered water, helping us avoiding mineral deficiency.

Watts 500315 CounterTop Drinking Water Filter

Watts-500315-Counter-Top-Drinking-Water-FilterIf think the ones above is pricey, you can try this Watts 500315. It is inexpensive but provides you with clean and safe water. Its price is lower than $40. If your water quality is relatively good or you don’t need some advanced performance on some high-end models, this one is your best choice. It can provide you with crisp and good tasting water, because it is effective to reduce the levels of chorine. Larger-sized impurities, like silt, sand, sediment and rust can be removed. However, some smaller impurities also can go through its filters. Therefore, if your water contains plenty of different contaminants, you may need a high-end one for great performance. This one is perfect for people who only want to improve the quality of their drinking water.

WaterChef® C7000 Premium Countertop Water Filtration System

best countertop water filterThis WaterChef® C7000 is a high-end model, perfect for those who need an advanced filter to purify water. It seems nice because of its modern look. Its innovative features make it competitive than other middle-ranged priced products, although it is much more expensive. You also don’t need to worry about the loss of healthy minerals, because it only removes bad impurities but leave these healthy minerals. It can offer you up to 1,000 gallons of water without replacing filters. Compared with buying bottled water, the cost is so low in a long run. The installation is easy and it also includes a lifetime limited warranty.


Choosing the best countertop water filter which one is up to you. If you need a great performance one, you can choose the WaterChef® C7000. Tap Master’s Jr F2 is middle-priced. If you just plan to buy a budget one, Watts 500315 or New Wave Enviro is enough. I highly recommend you to install an under sink water filter (RO systems). If the space under the sink is a problem, a countertop water filter is your best choice.