Best Electric Fireplace Reviews

Compared to traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces are also able to provide the warmth for you. Beside the almost same functions, they have many advantages:

  • Require no lighting – If you use a traditional fireplace, you may need to light it each time.
  • Easy to clean – Because of no fuels needed, it is easy to clean.
  • No installation – This means you can place it where you like after assembling it and this also means no expense of installation.
  • Easy to assembly – Most of them need to assembly first, but the process is relatively easy
  • Easy to use – They requires a standard wall outlet to get power. You just need to plug them in.

What’s more they come in many different styles, such as simple styles, elegant styles or traditional styles and you can always choose the right one for the style of your room. They also allow you to operate them with or without heat, so you can enjoy your fireplace all year around. Most of the following best electric fireplaces are mantel design, which means you can put a TV or other decorations on top, such as flowers. A wall mounted fireplace is a good choice for those who think space is the first, because they use less space.

Well, how to choose the best electric fireplace? The best one doesn’t only mean a good design and ease of assembling, but also its ability to create ambiance and add heat to your room. The following models can satisfy your requirements and they features great flame effect and great built-in electric heaters.

Southern Enterprises Cartwright Ebony Convertible Faux Slate Electric Fireplace

Southern-Enterprises-Cartwright-Electric-Fireplace-FE9287Most people spoke highly of its portability. As a portable model, you can quickly change its location to change the décor and the mood of your room pretty easily and quickly. It is also easy to operate. Plug it into any standard wall outlet and it can deliver you with warmth and realistic flames. In hot seasons, you can turn off its heater but only enjoy its flames.

Southern Enterprises Claremont Convertible Media Cherry Electric Fireplace

Southern-Enterprises-Claremont-Electric-Fireplace-FE9310This fireplace can be added to any of your room, like living rooms, entertainment rooms, media rooms etc. When it is working, its glass front keeps cool, so it is safe to use without worrying about any accidental burning.

SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace, Espresso

SEI-Cartwright-Convertible-Electric-FireplaceAs one of the most popular eletric fireplaces, this one can offer you more realistic flicering flame effect thanks to its long life LED bulbs. As a hihg-end one, this one comes with a remote control, so you can easy adjust its thermostat and flame brightness. What’s more, you even can put your 47-inch flat screen TV on it. The average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars. It deserves to have.

Moda Flame 50″ Cynergy Log Built-in Smokeless Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Moda-Flame-50-Cynergy-Log-Built-in-Smokeless-Electric-FireplaceIf you want to have a special fireplace, you can choose this one. It is differnt from other electric firepalces, because it is wide and it comes with wider fire flame effect. It is wall mounted and all the hardware for installation is included. It also offer a remote control to easily contrl the heat and the flame. It has the hihgest rating – 4.8 stars. If you want a simple fireplace, it is your best choice. Its style can match your modern style of your living room weel.