Best Kitchen Scales Reviews

A kitchen scale is perfect for people who love cooking. No matter you are a Cooking enthusiast or a serious chef, you can use a kitchen scale to measure out all Spices & Foods. Once you have one, you can know the exact ounces you will add to your recipe and you don’t need to use cups, tablespoons or teaspoons to measure out foods and spices. The sticky measurement can help you exactly follow a recipe you may see in a recipe book, on a cooking blog, on a cooking magazine or on TV, helping you become a professional chef, or the improper portion of ingredients may make you fail finally. A measure cup is recommended to use to hold these foods and spices that will be shredded, chopped, prated or packed before measuring, which will not pollute your scale.

We’ve selected the best kitchen scales on the market, according to their ease of use, prices, ratings, as well as customer reviews. We hope our picks and reviews will help you find the right one in your kitchen and you can cook delicious foods for your family.

EatSmart Precision Pro – Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale

EatSmart-Precision-Pro-Multifunction-Digital-Kitchen-ScaleAs one of the most popular and bestselling models on amazon, this one is affordable and cheap. You can find over 5,000 customer reviews left by real users and these reviews are valuable and impressive. You can weigh your foods directly on its scale platform, but you need to clean the platform regularly. However, its tare(zero)function allows you to use a package or a holder to hold food to measure, while the weight of holders is eliminated first. This means you need to weigh your holder and set it to eliminate the weight, and then you weigh others in the holder to get the direct weight on its LCD screen.

Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale

Weighmax-Electronic-Kitchen-ScaleThis one comes with a removable bowl and you can put something you need to weigh in it. It is so easy to clean the bowl because of its easy poor spout. As the cheapest scale on this list, it is able to weigh in ounces and grams. It also comes with a LCD screen to show the weight.

EatSmart Precision Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale

EatSmart-Precision-Retro-Mechanical-Kitchen-ScaleIf you need a conventional scale rather than a digital scale, you can try this model. It offers a 5” dial display for you to easily read the weight. It also won an award due to its great design, so it fits seamlessly into your kitchen. What’s more, it comes in 3 colors for you to choose.

Cuisinart KML-10 PerfectWeight Digital Kitchen Scale

Cuisinart-KML-10-PerfectWeight-Digital-Kitchen-ScaleOne user spoke highly of this model due to its stainless steel cover y and its accuracy. It is able to weigh up to 11 lbs. You even can use it to weigh little weights and it also works good for you. Of course, it is also a digital model.

Ozeri Zenith Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri-Zenith-Professional-Digital-Kitchen-ScaleI especially like its simple but attractive design. The design is similar to a Ipad and it uses SUS304 stainless steel which is the highest grade. It is really a work of art, making it fit easily in your kitchen.