Best LED Floor Lamp Reviews

If you are looking for a floor lamp for your office, living room or bedroom, I highly recommend you to buy a LED floor lamp. Once you have it, you will find it is one of the best ways to be used as a reading lamp or an auxiliary light source. Compared with conventional bulbs, LED bulbs are competitive.

Longer life – Generally, LED bulbs have a longer lifetime than conventional bulbs, up to 100,000 hours. This means you can use them for 8 hours per day for 20 years, without replacing them. Therefore, the cost every year is very low.

Energy Efficiency – LED bulbs are much more efficient than conventional bulbs. LED lighting is regarded the most efficient way of lighting and illumination. Based on the fact, more and more lamps and lights are using LED bulbs. This is because only 20% of the electricity is converted into useless heat and 80% of energy is converted into light. For conventional incandescent light bulbs, it is just the opposite. Therefore, LED lamps can save much money for you by reducing the energy bill.

Ecologically Friendly – LED bulbs are made of non-toxic materials, so they are Ecologically Friendly. However, conventional fluorescent lamps use some toxic chemicals (for example, mercury) that will pollute our environment when we produce or recycle them.

Low-Voltage – Generally, they use a low-voltage, which makes them safe and easy to be used outdoors. Low-voltage also means low power, which can save much energy for you.

Best LED Floor Lamp

If you plan to buy the best floor lamp for your living room, bedroom or office, it is recommended to purchase one with bulbs that are more efficient. The following best LED floor lamps were chosen because of their design, ratings, prices, performance, as well as customer reviews. Choose one of them and you will not feel disappointed.

Fulcrum 20072-401 Magnifier 12 LED Floor Lamp

Best LED Floor LampIf you plan to buy a gift for your mother or father, this one is a good option. It is ideal for old people who love to read, because it features a magnifier that can help old people easily and smoothly read what the love to read. The design is also nice for crafts and hobbies. It features a gooseneck that is fully flexible, which allows you to adjust to any position. This feature makes it perfect for reading or other detailed work. Both batteries powered option and an AC adapter are available and you can choose what you would like to have. LED bulbs have a long lifespan – up to 100,000 hours. Most people highly recommended it because it is really a great gift for old parents.

I-Tower High Power LED Floor Lamp

I-Tower-High-Power-LED-Floor-LampI like this lamp very much because of its flexible and contemporary design that is practical and simple. It is compatible with your contemporary room style. Due to its 2 joints, you can adjust it to a wide range of angles and height that you like. It also uses LEDs, so it is much more efficient, much more friendly to our environment and generate less heat. Once you have it, you don’t need to worry about your increasing energy bill. That won’t happen. Due to its Microfiber Cleanse Clot, it is resistant to scratch, always protecting the surface of your lamp and making it seem new all the time.

Daylight 24 402071-39 High Output LED Adjustable Beam Floor Lamp

Daylight-24-402071-39-High-Output-LED-Adjustable-Beam-Floor-LampThis one has a 5-Watt LED bulb and this gooseneck allows you to adjust the lamp to a wide range of height (from 3” to 33”). It will offer you whiter and brighter natural daylight, making you see the same colors as you see in the daylight. This kind of feeling is nice.

Trademark Home 824894 Cordless Portable Battery-Operated LED Floor Lamp

Trademark-Home-824894-Cordless-Portable-Battery-Operated-LED-Floor-LampIf you are looking for a portable lamp, you cannot miss this cordless floor lamp – the only cordless lamp on this list. You can move it any place you like. However, this product is controversial. Some people said the design is great, while other people dislike it. It is powered by 6 AA batteries. However, these batteries are not included and you’d better buy rechargeable batteries as well as a charger.

Firefly LED Floor Lamp

Firefly-LED-Floor-LampThis best LED floor lamp is really a versatile one and it has 5 long gooseneck which allow you to adjust to any direction you like. The 5 gooseneck means each of them has a LED bulbs. You can use some of them as reading lamps while use others as crisp ambient lights. If you need a versatile lamp, you can choose this.