Best Magnifying Light Reviews

More and more modern electronics feature a compact design and it is so hard to see their microcircuit components by using our naked eyes. If you will work on them, it is really a challenge for you. Their miniaturized components will make things worse. Besides electronics, other items (like jewelry, specialized craft items etc.) also have mini-components which are so hard to see with our naked eyes, so a magnifying glass is a must-have in order to work with them. However, it is not convenient to hold such a magnifying glass with one hand and do other tasks with another hand. This will limit what you will do. This problem was solved by Jewelers and they use an eye loupe instead of a handhold magnifying glass, but it is somewhat difficult to use such an eye loupe due to its small size.

The solution is that a magnifier is put on an adjustable or stand arm. This has been used for many applications for a long time, especially in manufacturing industries. The combination of lamp and a magnifier makes life much easier. With this combination, you can see even small objects that you are working on and it can remove the shadow. Generally, there are 3 types of magnifying lights available on the market.

  • Arm Mounted – This type has an articulated arm and both the lamp and magnifier are mounted to its end. It has a clamp to anchors it to the edge of a workbench or a desk.
  • Desk Mounted – This type doesn’t use a clamp but a weighted base to support the lamp. It has a short and flexible neck on the base.
  • Floor Mounted – This type is similar to a desk mounted type but it has a long and flexible neck attached to a weighted base on the floor. The design is similar to a floor lamp without a magnifier. You can move it anywhere you like.

Generally, arm mounted lamps are the best, because they offer a larger magnifier. If you choose desk models, make sure they are placed correctly at the work piece. If you need to move them, make sure there is a clear area on the desk or the workbench.

Their lamps use LEDs rather than fluorescent bulbs on older models, which can save much energy and provide a longer lifetime. This because LED bulbs mostly change electricity energy into light not heat while fluorescents produces much heat that is a waste of energy. Therefore, choosing one with LEDs is a good choice. And it is much safer too, not worrying about overheating.

If you plan to buy a magnifying lamp, something must be taken into account.

  • What you are going to use it for? – affects the type you choose
  • What size do you need? – the bigger, the better
  • How much light do you prefer – the more light, the better
  • How much magnification? The one with 2.25x magnification, 5 diopter is the most common and highly recommended for arm mounted magnifiers. If you choose a desk mounted model, it has less magnification. Of course, choosing one with greater magnification help you much easier to see the objects you are working on.

We’ve selected top rated best Magnifying Lights for you and you can choose one to help you see clearly. It is also a good investment for you to avoid shortsightedness, as well as dry eyes.

Ultra-Efficient 108 LED Magnifier Lamp – Large 7″ x 6″ Lens 5-Diopter

Ultra-Efficient-108-LED-Magnifier-LampAs one of the best magnifying lights available on the market, it performs well. It has 108 LEDs that can offer plenty of illumination and it is a 7×6 inch magnifier. If you need a high quality one with great performance, it is your best choice.

WAVE LED-ESD Magnifier-30in Arm-3.5D-Clamp

WAVE-LED-ESD-Magnifier-30in-Arm-35D-ClampIf you need a magnifying light which has it all, this one is your best choice. Of course, it uses LEDs and its lighting comes from both side, so shadows can be effectively eliminated. This one is a dimmable model that allows you to change its lightness. It also comes with a self-timer which can automatically it shut itself off, so this feature offers you more options. As an advanced one, it is a little expensive, but it gives more than you think.

Pro Magnify Ultra-Efficient LED 7″ Magnifier Lamp

Ultra-EfficientLED7Magnifier-LampThis one is similar to the first one we recommended, but the difference is the round lens. Its 108 LEDs comes in a ring configuration and this arrangement can provide good even lighting, eliminating any shadow.

Luxo 18346LG LFM LED Illuminated Magnifier

Luxo-18346LG-LFM-LED-Illuminated-MagnifierThis one is also a model which has it all. This lamp comes with a 50% dimmer that allows you to dim it when you don’t need much light in some situation. A self-timer is also included and this timer can shut the lights off automatically once you have done some settings.

Might Bright Floor LED Light and Magnifier

Might-Bright-Floor-LED-Light-and-MagnifierIf you need floor mounted model, you should consider this model from Might Bright. You can place it anywhere you like to use it. It is really a good choice. Many people have purchased it and spoke highly of its performance.