Best Natural Gas Water Heater Reviews

On the market, as one of the most popular water heater, there are a few styles of natural gas hot water heaters, like tank-less, hybrids, solar supplemental. If you plan to choose one, sticking to some criteria can help you a lot.

  • Energy Star Rating – this is a very criteria and it is popular to grade a heater. The high the rating is, the more energy it can save for you, saving on your energy costs.
  • A relatively long Warranty – Generally, a heater will come with a 3 to 12-year warranty mostly. An extended warranty is also a need. Mostly, hot water heaters don’t have any problem in the first 12 years. An extended warranty helps to extend its lifespan. However, a longer warranty means a thicker and longer heating element.
  • Insulation and noise – These factors are also important.
  • Other features – a brass drain valve (helping postpone issues), a glass tank lining (helping reduce rust), anti-scaling features etc.

We’ve done some research and chosen the top rated best natural gas water heaters for you to choose from, based on the criteria listed above. We also take into account other factors, like ratings, prices and customer reviews.

Rheem High Efficiency Condensing Power Direct Vent

Rheem-water-heaterThis model gets a high rating on noise and energy efficiency. It is equipped with a blow motor which is powered by only 120V /C. It also have a brass drain valve that is helpful to postpone issues. Its porcelain coating inside makes it rest-resistant. It is easy to access its vent pipe and condensate trap for easy maintenance. You can buy standard replacements parts for maintenance in the future. This model comes with all things you need for a water heater, making it one of the best ones on the market.

Whirlpool 6th Sense 50-Gallon 12-Year Gas Water Heater (Natural Gas)

Whirlpool-Gas-Water-HeaterThis heater has obtained an Energy Star certification and it has a self-cleaning feature. It comes with a 12-year warranty on main parts and the tank. It also features low emissions. Therefore, it is a good choice for your family, no matter what size the family is. Whirlpool is also a famous manufacturer all over the world, so you don’t need to worry about its quality. If you don’t know choose what size, whirlpools provides an online size guide to allow you to choose the right size.

Kenmore 33115 50 gal. 12-Year Natural Gas Water Heater

Kenmore-33115-Water-HeaterThis heater offers a 1-year warranty on labor and parts and also offers a 12-year warranty on the tank, making it best for your choice. Its extended warranties, energy star certification, as well as rust-resistant features make this model is a good choice even for residential use. It is easy to access its pressure and temperature valves, making it easy for maintenance. Kenmore is also a great company and the service is also pretty good. It deserves a try.

Rinnai REU-VC2528FFUD-US Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai-REU-VC2528FFUD-US-gas-water-heaterIf you plan to purchase a tankless water heater, this one will not disappoint you because of its energy efficiency, versatility for both commercial and residential use, and space saving. It provides flexible warranties and you can choose the right one. Customer service is available everywhere in the USA.

Rheem RTGH-95DVN Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Rheem-RTGH-95DVNThis one is easy to maintain because of its self-diagnostic testing system. Routine maintenance becomes relatively easy. Another impressive feature it has is that it can allow you to add up another six units together, so its size and production are increased six-fold. It also has the highest energy star certification in the industry. Its extended warranties, rust-resistant features, and the expandable feature make it one of the best choices. It really will not let you down.