Best Pasta Maker Reviews

If you plan to make pasta at home, you really need a pasta maker. As a big fan of pasta, I always make it at home. It is perfect for an appetizer or an entree. Once I have it, I find it is so easy to make it and I feel happy I can control the whole process without adding any additive to our food. That’s why I insist on making it at home. I don’t feel it is a hard task and we need healthy food for our family.

A good quality pasta maker can help you quickly make healthy homemade pasta, so it is really a good helper for you. Without it, you will find it is really a daunting task to make homemade pasta by hand.

On the market, there are plenty of brands and types for you to choose. However, do you know which the best one is. Here, I’ve done some research and selected top 5 best pasta makers for you, based on their durability, ease of use, types (electric or countertop models), overall performance, prices, ratings, as well as customer reviews.

Marcato Pasta Machine

Marcato-Pasta-MachineThis unit can help you make home pasta easily and quickly. I also use this one. It is one of the most popular and best-selling ones on the market. The main body is construct with chrome plated steel, while its rollers and cutters are made of anodized aluminum. It has a 9-position dial that allows you to easily regulate the thickness of your pasta dough, according to your preference. I bought this one year ago, because it is affordable and its basic function is so great for me. I only need one with the basic function and I wouldn’t pay much for some fancy functions I don’t need. If you need a basic one for pasta making, trust me. It is enough.

Cucinapro Imperia Pasta Machines

Cucinapro-Imperia-Pasta-MachinesThis model is also very popular, tool. It has traditional pasta rollers, which will offer you fresh and healthy pasta at home. This one is very versatile. Its 6” wide roller allows you to make thin spaghetti and wide fettuccini noodles. It is built with heavy-duty shiny chromed plated steel. Many people spoke highly of it due to its high quality and versatility. It comes in 2 types: Cucinapro Imperia and Marcato. However, there is a little difference between them. Just choose one of them.

Prago Pragotrade 01-0601-W Roma Express Electric Pasta Machine

Prago-Pragotrade-01-0601-W-Roma-Express-Electric-Pasta-MachineThis model is an electric machine. If you want to make a lot of pasta in a short time, this one is your best choice. For example, if you have a large family or you have to prepare food for a big dinner, this one can help you a lot. It has 9 settings, so you can adjust it to make different thickness of homemade pasta. You even can make pasta as thin as 1/10”. Its metal housing and heavy-duty construction help it to last a long time for you. It also comes with cleaning brush and wheel pasta cutter. If you have to make a lot of pasta every day, this Electric Pasta Machine is your best choice.

Fox Run Pasta Machine

Fox-Run-Pasta-MachineIf you need a cheaper one, this model will not disappoint you. It is top rated and the price is so low. There are so many people who have purchased it and they all think it is great. This one is perfect for those who just want to make pasta several times a month and don’t need an expensive one.

Norpro Pasta Machine

Norpro-Pasta-MachineThis one is also welcomed by many people. It is made of chrome plated steel. Its rollers are made of nickel plated steel. It can make pasta, fettuccine and vermicelli. It also comes with countertop clamp, instruction booklet and recipe. This one is also quite affordable.