Best Reverse Osmosis Faucet Reviews

If you plan to buy a faucet filter, a reverse osmosis faucet may be your best choice. Reverse osmosis is regarded as the most effective way to reduce or remove contaminants in our water. Such a RO faucet has a semi-permeable membrane to purify water. The membrane is magic. Only small water molecules can pass through it, while other larger molecules (like chemicals, heavy metals, virus and bacteria etc.) are not allowed to go through the membrane. Therefore, this reverse osmosis process makes these contaminants left on the other side of the membrane. Other types of filters have their limitations. For example, softeners only soften hard water and don’t have the ability to remove heavy metals, chemicals, virus and bacteria. Active carbon filters may only absorb some bad smell or taste in our water and they cannot remove other contaminants. If you have enough budget and enough under sink space, I strongly recommend you to buy an under sink reverse osmosis system. If you only need a faucet, you can buy a RO faucet.

Here, we’ve selected the best reverse osmosis faucets on the market because of their high quality, prices, ratings, performance, as well as customer reviews. If you need one, choose one of them and enjoy consuming clean filtered water all the time.

Crystal Clear Supply Water Filter Reverse Osmosis Faucet

Crystal-Clear-Supply-Water-Filter-Reverse-Osmosis-FaucetThe installation is pretty easy. This filter is more durable, compared with other plastic filters. If your water sink is brushed stainless steel, this unit matches well. Dislike other flimsy ones, this filter is high quality because of its heavy-built design. If you need a high quality one, it is worth buying and you don’t need to worry about that it may look old quickly like other flimsy plastic models.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Drinking Water or (RO) Reverse Osmosis System Faucet

Oil-Rubbed-Bronze-Drinking-Water-Reverse-Osmosis -FaucetIf you need a brone faucet filter with clean lines, this unit is your best choice. There are many stylish finishes for you to choose from and you can find the right one that adds beauty to your kitchen. The installation is also pretty easy. Don’t worry about it. Many people spoke highly of this high quality and it doesn’t use any plastic component.

Designer Air Gap Ceramic Reverse Osmosis Faucet Brushed Nickel

Reverse-Osmosis-Faucet-Brushed-Nickel-03This one is a lead-free solid brass ceramic faucet and it is totally manufactured in US. Therefore, you don’t worry about its safety and quality. What’s more, this European style faucet filter comes with a lifetime of service. It can be compatible with any of your faucet due to its brushed nickel finish. It is a must-have.

Reverse Osmosis Air Gap Faucet European Style Brushed Nickel

Reverse-Osmosis-Air-Gap-Faucet-European-Style-Brushed-NickelThis faucet is also a lead-free one and it has a goose-neck spout to swivel any degrees( from 0 to 360 degrees). This feature is very good, because it helps you easily use it. The height is 12 inches and it can match any modern kitchens due to its brushed nickel finish. It is easy to install and use and you can operate according to the instructions included. The water flow rate is also perfect – up to 1.0 GPM.

Chrome Air Gap (RO) Reverse Osmosis System Faucet

Chrome-Air-Gap-Reverse-Osmosis-System-Faucet Many people think this one is pretty good because all the materials used are all of high quality. It also includes air-gap configuration. All tools needed for mounting is included. I especially like its design. It is very nice and deserves to have.

On the market, there are plenty of different types of water filtration systems. Based on your needs, choosing the best one is the key to having clean filtered water to consume. You can choose whole house water filters, under sink filters, countertop filters etc. Different ones have different abilities to purify water. For faucet water filter, the above units are the best and they can offer you clean, safe and healthy filtered water.