Best Solar Flood Lights Reviews

If you are planning to use some lights to illuminate your outdoor property at night, solar flood lights may be your best choices. They are made up with a solar panel, LEDs, rechargeable batteries, switches, as well as other sensors. Because of solar panel used, they are self-sufficient, without any electric energy from the grid needed.

LEDs or Halogen bulbs

They also can be used as solar security lights, because most of them are motion activated. If you don’t want to use its motion sensor, they also come with a switch to allow you to turn off its motion sensor. One of the advantages making solar lamps competitive with other bulbs is the use of LEDs, making them last longer than other conventional bulbs. And LEDs are not prone to burn out. However, not everyone likes LEDs and some people like traditional natural light from traditional halogen bulbs. Therefore, solar flood lights with halogen bulbs are also available on the market. However, they cannot last as long as solar LED flood lights.

Easy installation

Similar to other types of solar outdoor lights, flood lights are also pretty easy to install. Generally, mounting brackets and other hardware are also included in the package. The only thing you need to finish is to screw or bolt its mounting brackets onto any surface where you plan to locate it. Take locating the light on a wood surface for example. The only thing you need to make the mounting bracket screw to the wood using the screws which are also in the package. If the surface is a brick surface, you have to do some extra job. First, a hole is needed. You can use a cordless drill to do the job. And then you need to insert a masonry anchor into the brick, because screws cannot be screwed into the brick or its hole. The last step is to make the screws screwed into the masonry anchor which is also included in the package.

Best Solar Flood Lights

MicroSolar – Lithium Battery – 120 LED IP65 Solar Floodlight

MicroSolar-Lithium Battery-Solar-FloodlightThis floodlight has 120 pcs super bright LED bulbs that can emit 500 lumen of light. If it is charged fully during the day, it can deliver continuous 8 to 12 hours of light per day. The built-in Lithium battery is of high quality and it can last at least 2 years. The power of its solar panel is 10 watts. Its main body is made of aluminum, making it very light. It can be mounted on the ground or on the wall. Stakes for the light and the panel are also included. This one gets a high rating – 4.8 out of stars. Although the price is a little high, it deserves a try due to its high quality housing, LEDs, and batteries. People who have bought it spoke highly of its great performance.

Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

Sunforce-82080As one of the most popular solar motion lights, of course, it is also a flood light. The separate panel is 1w(6v) amorphous and you can mount it almost anywhere you like. The brightness is very high, up to 900 Lumens, because of its 80 super-bright LED bulbs. It has a durable aluminum and ABS plastic housing. 5 AA NiMH 6v 900ma rechargeable batteries are also included. With this flood lights, there is no wiring or main power needed. It is completely self-sufficient. As a motion light, it can detect a 180-degree range of 30 feet. It is able to provide both lighting and security to your pathway, garage, shed, remoter cottage or other place around your house at anytime and anywhere.

Ultra Bright 30 Led Solar Light Outdoor Security Floodlight

Ultra-Bright-Solar-FloodlightThis one is very affordable. If you buy 2 or more, it can give you a discount of $2. If you buy more than 4, you can get a discount of $6. Attractive, isn’t it? This solar powered floodlight is durable and waterproof, providing with continuous lighting from dusk to dawn. It has an automatic switch. It comes with 30 super-bright LEDs. It is perfect for your garage, garden, road, shed, remote cottage, or anywhere you like. When you first use it, you need to press its switch on. You also can turn it off.

MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

MAXSA-Innovations-40218This spotlight is designed for your walkway, entryways, patios, decks, steps, garages, balconies, carports, farm sheds and backyard. It has a motion sensor that can detect 40” away with a 180-degree area. It has 2 adjustable lights heads that allow you to cover 2 areas at once. The installation is also very easy and you don’t need to cost for hiring an electrician. It has 4 bright LEDs that produce up to 160 lumens. This one is also very popular. However, some people think some people think it is a little dim. Therefore, if you need brighter lights, you can choose others.

MAXSA Innovations 40225 Solar-Powered Motion-Activated 80 LED Security Floodlight

MAXSA-Innovations-40225If you think MAXSA Innovations 40218 is a little dim, you can choose this MAXSA Innovations 40225 which can produce over 300 lumens. Other features are similar to MAXSA Innovations 40218. Its weatherproof IP-44 rating feature means it is weatherproof and can withstand any weather.