Best solar path lights Reviews

What are solar path lights?

Solar path lights are solar outdoor lights that are used to lighten your patios, pathways, driveways, walkways, etc. The combination of solar energy and LED bulbs and rechargeable batteries make them become energy efficient and self-efficient. They don’t need any wiring or electricity from the grid, so they are easy to install and helpful to cut your energy bill. During the day, their built-in solar panels convert solar energy into electricity and charge the built-in rechargeable batteries, while at dusk, the LED bulbs will be lightened by the rechargeable batteries. The whole process is automatic thanks to its optoelectronic switch.

Therefore, they are good enough for your outdoor path lighting, without wiring and electricity. And they are also very cheap and easy to install. Generally, they have stakes which allow you to directly plugin into the ground. That’s all, so easy, isn’t it?

Best Solar path lights

Well, when it comes to best solar path lights, it becomes a little difficult to choose from, because there are plenty of models different from designs, styles, patterns, light illumination, materials, number of LEDs, as well as other options. If you are the first time to buy them, you will find it is an overwhelming thing. Generally, you need to do a lot of research and compare them and buy the one which satisfies your requirements and budget. The searching process may take a lot of time and you may not know which to choose.

Now, we’ve done some research and have chosen the top rated best solar path lights for you. Any of them is of good quality, good performance, high rating, reasonable price and good customer reviews.

Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar-Powered Plastic LED Path Light, 8-Pack, Black

Moonrays-91381-Payton-Solar-Powered-Plastic-LED-Path-LightThis package includes 8 lights. LEDs are 2X brighter than other solar lights, because they can provide 2X lumens as before. It is made of black plastic and the transparent lens are also made of plastic. The weatherproof design makes it withstand any types of weather, like sunny days, rainy nights, snowy days, etc. Each light has a 2.4-lumen LED bulbs to emit warm lighting and can cover a 12” area. The Moonrays 91381 is also the most popular pathway lights and plenty of people have purchased it.

GardenJoy Garden Lights – Solar LED Outdoor Lighting

Garden-Lights-Solar-LED-Outdoor-LightingThis solar led outdoor lights are perfect for your patios, decks, driveways, garden and paths. They are easy to install there are no wiring needed. They don’t need any energy from the grid, so they are self-efficient; helping you cut your energy bill. It can withstand sun, rain and snow. This package includes 10 fixtures and the price is reasonable. If you need to decorate your garden, they are a good choice.

HGTV Home 8 Piece Solar Pathway Lights

HGTV-Home-8-Piece-Solar-Pathway-LightsThese lights have a nice powder-coated oil rubbed bronze. They are not made of plastic but more durable stainless steel. When fully charged during the day, they can last up to 8 hours at dusk. This package comes with 10 lights and each light provides 3 lumens lighting, which can project a nice pattern of white, warm lighting. The lenses are made of glass not plastic. Rechargeable batteries are also included.

Moonrays 91754 Richmond Solar Light, Metal Path Light with 25X-Brighter LED Light, Rubbed Bronze, 2-Pack

Moonrays-91754-solar-path-lightsIf you plan to buy much brighter lights, you can consider this Moonrays 91754, because it can provide 25 times as many lumens. It has a rubbed bronze finish that is elegant and rustic. Like other solar outdoor lights, it is charged during the day and glows at night. Its ribbed lens that is made of glass can create a beam covering 120-degree wide angle.

Aluminum and Glass Solar LED Path Lights, Set of 4, in Bronze

Aluminum-and-Glass-Solar-LED-Path-LightsThe main body of this light is made of durable die cast aluminum and has a bronze finish. Its lens is made of glass. Each fixture has 6 super bright LEDs which emit white beam. If it is fully charged, it can provide up to 10 hours of lighting. The installation is pretty easy. You just need to hammer the cast aluminum stake into hard soil.

When it comes solar out door lights, there are many options, like solar string lights, solar spot lights, etc. You can choose the right type according to your requirements.