Best Toddler Playpen Reviews

When you little one learns to walk and take his first step, you will find it is so difficult to take care of your tot. This is because he or she cannot wait to walk. However, in this situation, this doesn’t mean he or she can run full of the house and you cannot watch your little one all the time. Sometimes, you really need a toddler playpen, because it is really the safest spot for your tot. This is useful when you have to prepare dinner for others and have not time to take care of your little one.

Here, we have made a list of top 5 best toddler playpens on the market. Another reason is that they can offer more play space in contrast to a standard play-and play. We also check many toddler playpen reviews and they are all top rated. The prices are also reasonable.

Best Toddler Playpen

5. Dream On Me Circular Playard, Red/Yellow

Dream-Me-Circular-Playard-Yellow-300x218This play yard has a friendly design and all sharp edges are eliminated, making it very safe to your toddlers. And this can also prevent your toddlers from climbing. It is also very portable. Plus, it comes with a floor mat. No matter where you plan to use it, the floor mat can protect your little ones from contacting the cold floor.

4. Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard

Joovy-701-Room2-Portable-Playard-300x267This play yard is larger than a standard pack-and-play and it is also very portable. Parents who have purchased it say it is so easy to assemble. What’s more, it has no limitation on weight, which means it is also suitable for older babies. And the price is also very cheap.

3. North States Superyard 3 in 1 Wood Gate

North-States-Superyard-Wood-Gate-300x286This one has a high-end look, because it is totally made of wood, not plastic. If you have seen plastic play yards, you will know the difference between them. It is also very versatile, because it allows to configure it in many different sizes and shapes. This feature is very useful, because you can adjust it according to your room space.

2. Friendly Toys Little Playzone with Electronic Lights and Sounds

Friendly-Toys-Little-Playzone-Electronic-300x300This play zone cannot only act as a safe spot but also as a play center. Because of its entertaining features, it is able to make your toddlers entertained. It has lights and electronic sound. Parents who have buy their little ones this play zone spoke highly of its performance. They say this model can attract their little ones and it is fun for their toddlers. Plus, it has a colorful design which is also great.

1. Primo Play Yard Cabana

Primo-PRI-930Navy-Play-Yard-Cabana-300x234This best toddler playpen is made of sun-proof fabric, making it very durable. Plus, it also offers a sunshade, so it is perfect for outdoor use. If you love to play with your tot outdoor, this Primo Play Yard Cabana is really a good choice. It is also large enough for up to 2 toddlers. And you don’t need to assemble it when you receive it, because it is fully assembled, making it very convenient to use.