Best Vintage Floor Lamps Reviews

If you dislike the simple design of Ikea-type floor lamps, maybe vintage floor lamps are your best choice. They are great for setting some mood in the bedroom and if you want to create ambient in the office, maybe they are the best. They come in forms of torchieres and torch lamps.

Different vintage floors lamps use different materials. They come in different shapes. The styles can be simple or gorgeous. You also can choose the right style for your room. They have their abilities to remember our memorable old days. There are many vintage floor lamps. Some of them feature gorgeous glass shades, some of them only emit lights through the tops, and some are great for reading lights or spotlights because they can bend.

The following top rated best vintage floors lamps were selected due to their materials, design, prices, ratings, performance, as well as customer reviews.

Normande JS3-729 27W PL Floor Lamp, each, Antique Brass Finish

Normande-JS3-729-27W-PL-Floor-LampThis is a cost efficient lamp you can trust. Its fluorescent bulb saves you much energy. The height can be adjusted and the shade can be tilted. It can work for you as a reading lamp. Placing it next to your office desk is also a good idea. It features an antique brass finish, which makes it so special. If you love the antique style, you will fall in love with this antique lamp, just liking reminding of old golden days. It is affordable to have.

Dale Tiffany TF90263 Tiffany Downbridge Floor Lamp

Dale-Tiffany-TF90263-Tiffany-Downbridge-Floor-LampI love this antique lamp because of its ornate art glass shade. It creates a dramatic mood in your bedroom, living room and office. Its base is made of decoratively embossed metal has an antique golden sand finish. When I saw its Tiffany style, it strongly attracted me.

Adesso Bellows Tree Lamp, Antique Bronze

Adesso-Bellows-Tree-LampIf you love an Asian style lamp, this Adesso Bellows Tree Lamp may be right for you. It comes in 3 lanterns ribbed white cotton fabric, metal suspended shades. The height is 74” and it has a rectangular base.

Madison Italian Bronze Floor Lamp

Madison-Italian-Bronze-Floor-LampIf you love an antique Italian style lamp, this lamp is the perfect choice. It has an bronze finish. It comes in a taupe faux silk shade. Its design is elegant and it is capable of creating a relax mood in your room.