Best Water Filters Buying Guide

When you plan to buy a water filter, you may feel complicated, because there are many different types of water filters. Do you know which the best is for you? This is really a question. Therefore, before buying one, you need to know something. Firstly, you need to know what you need a filter to want. For example, you should know how much filtered water you should have to consume each day or what kinds of contaminants you plan to use a filter to reduce or remove. If you know the answers to these 2 questions, you will choose the right filter or it is just a waste of money to buy a filter that you don’t need. In this post, we will discuss the main types of these systems.

Pitcher Filters

Brita-Stainless-Steel-Water-Filter-PitcherPitcher filters are ideal for those who occasionally need filtered water to consume, like drinking, cooking tea or coffee. It is lightweight and portable, you can take it anywhere you like. It is so easy to use. The only thing you need to do is to fill the jug with water and then its internal filter will filter the water. Several minutes later, filtered water is available for you to drink directly, or cook coffee/tea.

Faucet Mounted Filters

Culligan-FM-25-Faucet-Mount-FilterFaucet mounted filters are perfect for those who just want filtered water directly from their faucet. Of course, they are attached to your faucets directly. Most models allow you to select regular tap water or filtered water according to your needs, which can extend their lifespan. For example, you need wash your dishes and you may not need filtered water, so you can change it. Unlike pitcher filters, you don’t need to wait. Once you open your faucet, the water will flow into your glass or other container. What’s more, it will offer you much more water and they are small, not taking up your countertop space.

Under the Sink Filters

Watts Premier-531418-EZ-RO4-Reverse-Osmosis-systemIf you need powerful filters to provide you with plenty of water to drink, cook or even wash, under sink water filters are definitely are your best choice. They are installed under your sink, not taking up your countertop space. They are larger, which means they are more powerful to purify water and can offer you more water than other types of filters above. Most under sink filers are reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis is the most effective way to purify water and it can remove a wide range of contaminants in our water.

Whole House Filters

Watts-WH-LD-Premier-Whole-House-Filter-SystemIf you need a filter to offer your family clean water at anyplace in your house, you may need a whole house water filter. Generally, they are installed at the entrance of your water source. If your tap water contains plenty of contaminants, a whole house filter is essential to add. Some of them are cheap and they only can purify water basically and you need to purify the water further by using an under sink filter. Some of them are advanced and expensive, and you don’t need to purify water before consuming. My advice is that choosing a basic one and using a reverse osmosis filter for further purification. The whole house filter is used to protect the RO system.