Best Window Fan Reviews

One of the first things to be considered in choosing a window fan is the size of your actual window opening, and if the model you select will fit. Once you’ve got this information, you need to make the decision of which window fan works best for you and your family. Do you simply need a fan to pull cool, fresh air into your home or a unit which can simultaneously exhaust indoor air while drawing in outdoor air? Both types of window fans are featured on this list of the best window fans to make your decision a little easier.

Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan with Remote Control

Bionaire-BW2300-Twin-Window-FanThis window fan is able to exchange the air in your room, no matter when you turn on it. It is also very easy to use. It has a remote control so that you can easily adjust it from any point. The remote control is very cool and very convenient. What’s more, it is very light, so you can take it to another window in your house and it is very convenient.

Holmes HAWF2043 Twin Window Fan

Holmes-HAWF2043-Twin-Window-FanThis is another lightweight fan that allows you to easily move it to another window if you would like. It has 2 8-1/2 inch diameter fans which can work independently. This design is very cool. This means you can use one to draw cool air and use the other to exhaust hot air from your room. Remember the 2 questions above. If you need an advanced one, this one is your best choice.

Air King 9155 16″ Reversible Window Exhaust Fan

Air-King-9155-16-Reversible-Window-Exhaust-FanThis fan is a versatile fan you can rely on. The reversible feature is very cool. With one window, it can be used for drawing air in or exhausting air out. It has 3 intake and exhaust speeds for you to adjust. You can adjust it accordion to the temperature in your room. If the temperature is not too high, you can choose a lower speed for both intaking and exhausting. A rotary switch in the front is also included and this can help you easily control the fan by changing its speed and direction. What’s more, it also offers a 1-year limited warranty. You don’t need to worry about its quality.

Bionaire BWF0522M Thin Window Fan

More-powerful-and-more-compactThis fan can fit any window in your house. Its special design allows you to move it from one window to another window if you would like to. It is very powerful and I also its more compact design. If you are looking for a fan for vertical or horizontal configurations, it is your best choice.

Lasko Twin Window Fan, 2137

Lasko-7-Slim-Profile-Twin-Window-FanThis fan is also versatile. It is not only a window fan but also a tabletop fan. And you change it very quickly. It only weights 5 pounds, so you can easily move it from one window to another window in your house.