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Edlund U-12 Manual Can Opener Review

Edlund-U-12-Manual-Opener-SilverIf you are looking for a manual can opener for commercial or home settings, this Edlund U-12 Manual Can Opener is one of the best choices. It is the best standard mounted can opener on the market. Although it is not a table mounted can opener and is a bit expensive, it works more versatile, easier and smoother than other can openers. This unit has a 16-inch bar that is adjustable, making it easy to fit any size can. And its hand crank is so easy to operate, and you will find it is so easy to open cans with this hand crank. This product is well-built and can last for a very long time. Well, the only problem is the price. Although the price is higher, its performance, ease of use and durability make it a good choice anyway. Once you have it, you will find opening cans becomes so easy.

Product features

  • Designed for commercial use
  • Durable and can last for a very long time
  • Designed to be heavy-duty
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to maintain


If you need a heavy-duty can opener that can last for a long time, this one is definitely the best choice. Many customers spoke highly of its ease of use, performance and durability. Highly recommend!

Best Mounted Can Opener Reviews

The reason we need a mounted can opener is mainly because it doesn’t only save space and time, it also can do more than you can imagine. It can do all the job for you. Don’t look down upon them. They are perfect for those who suffer from arthritis. The operation is relatively easy. You only need to lift your can up to the opener and that’s all. The mounted can opener will do the rest job. What’s more, many of them offer more features, like bottle openers and knife sharpeners.

If you plan to buy one, it is a little difficult because there are a small amount of units on the market. Fortunately, we’ve compiled this list of top 3 best mounted can openers for you. They were chosen due to their innovative features which are able to make our lives much easier without paying much price anyway.

Swing-A-Way 609WH Magnetic Wall Can Opener

swing-a-way-609wh-magnetic-wall-can-openerThis is special opener that is very affordable. Although it has a simple design, it can help you open your cans efficiently. Many people who have bought it all agree this. If you need a cheap but efficient wall mounted can opener, you can choose this.

Black & Decker CO100WM SpaceMaker Under-the-Cabinet Can Opener

black-decker-co100wm-spacemaker-under-the-cabinet-can-openerThis one is durable and last for years to come. It has a precision engineered design which can help arthritis suffers or those have some difficulty using their hands. With this, you less effort is required to use due to its superb easy driven operation. However, it is also very expensive, perfect for those who have enough budget.

Edlund Can Opener Manual extra value–clamping base model – S-11CE

edlund-can-opener-manual-extra-value--clamping-base-model---s-11ceCustomers spoke highly of this reliable mounted can opener. It is designed to last for several generations to come. It can deal with even the biggest cans easily.


Best Manual Can Opener Reviews

Before electric can openers were invented, manual can openers also have a long history. And they are evolving all the time. Once you have one, you don’t need to twist a knob to open cans, which can avoid breaking your wrist. Nowadays, many manuals can openers features innovative designs so they are very easy to use and they become a must-have in many families.

Well, how to find the best manual can opener? If you know what you really want, finding such a reliable and durable opener is much easier. Fortunately, we’ve made a list of the best manual can openers for you to choose from. They are all effective, durable and dependable and they can fit nicely in your kitchen drawer. We also consider their ratings, prices, as well as customer reviews.

Rosle Can Opener

rosle-can-openerThis opener is little and handy and it is really a must-have gadgets when you need to open cans. Many people bought it and admit that it is an essential tool in their kitchen arsenal. It is 7.9 inches long, making it fit in your drawer easily and easy to find.

EZ-DUZ-IT 3028 Deluxe Can Opener with Grips, Black

ez-duz-it-3028-deluxe-can-opener-with-grips-blackThis opener is easy to use and it received plenty of rave reviews, making it one of the best on the market. What’s more, it is so affordable that everyone should have it for convenience.

Anolon Advanced Bronze Tools Classic Can Opener, Bronze

anolon-advanced-bronze-tools-classic-can-opener-bronzeThis opener is designed for easy use and it features a unique style. It has a polished stainless steel finish, making it is able to last for many years for you.

OXO Steel Can Opener

oxo-steel-can-openerThis one is high quality and it is also budget friendly, making it one of the most effective-cost can opener on the market.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pure Can Opener

zwilling-j.a.-henckels-twin-pure-can-openerMany people spoke highly of its flair and style. It is also a dishwasher safe can opener. These special features make it one of the most popular manual can opener on the market.

Best Electric Can Opener Reviews

If you want to eat the food in cans, first you need to open these cans. However, without a can opener, it is really a difficult thing to open them. Even if you have a simple can opener, it is also very difficult and prone to cut your fingers. Therefore, can openers have been evolved. Fortunately, the first electric opener was invented in 1931. And from then on, as technology advances, modern electric can openers become more and more versatile and powerful. They can open almost all sizes of different cans, offer us more flexibility. What’s more, many of them even come with bottle openers and knife sharpeners, simplifying our life.

The following best electric can openers were chosen thanks to their durability, ease of use, the use of latest technology, ratings, prices and customer reviews.

West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener

west-bend-77203-electric-can-opener-metallicThis 70-watt opener is a versatile tool and you can also can use it as a knife sharpener or as a bottle opener, offer you more functionality within only one package. It is made of chrome, aluminum and plastic. Another feature makes it stand from others is that it stores its cord in the base, so it seems very tidy and clean if you don’t use it. This feature makes it one of the best can openers on the market.Other features are also great, like automatic shut-off, built-in cord storage and dishwasher-safe cutting accessories.

Sunbeam 3108-8 Adjustable Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

sunbeam-3108-8-adjustable-can-opener-with-knife-sharpenerWith its Power Pierce cutting mechanism, it is easy to use for opening. This can opener also comes with a knife sharpener, so you don’t need to buy another sharpener and you can use it to sharpen your knives when necessary. What’s more, many people think it is affordable and high quality. It is a must-have if you want to open cans oftenly.

Hammacher Schlemmer The Best Electric Can Opener

hammacher-schlemmer-the-best-electric-can-openerIf you feel difficult to open cans because of your arthritis, this opener is right for you and helps you a lot. Unlike others, this unit features 2 guiding post that is helpful to align the magnet, the blade and can, helping you use it easily. Its modest price tag also impresses me and the high quality is another reason that makes it one of the best.

Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener

hamilton-beach-76389r-openstation-can-openerIf you want to choose a superb versatile opener, you cannot miss this Hamilton Beach 76389R, because it is able to open everything. Of course, you can use it to open all sizes of cans and you also can use it to open hard-plastic packages, lids and remove the tops off the bottles.

New – Black & Decker CO1200 Grand Openings 3-in-1 Can Opener

new-black-decker-co1200-grand-openings-3-in-1-can-openerThe main reason that makes this Black and Decker CO1200 become one of the best ones is because it offers a retractable cord with cord storage that can keep your counter tidy and clean if you don’t use it. It is very easy to use and clean. It also has a removable cutting assembly. What’s more, it has a modest price tag.