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Best Magnifying Mirror

Magnifying mirrors are designed for dealing with many daunting beauty tasks. You can use a magnifying mirror to simplify these time-consuming tasks. When choosing such a mirror, the main feature you choose is the level of magnification. Generally, a 5x mirror is enough from most tasks which requires a little concentration. However, if you need to put in your contracts and apply false eyelashes and get in other super close for things, you need to choose at least a 8x or higher mirror. Besides the level of magnification, some mirrors even have built-in led lights, making them more competitive.

Best Magnifying Mirror

If you are just looking for the best magnifying mirror, our following list can help you. These mirrors were selected because they are not skew or distort and you can easily get a very clear, sharp and crisp view. Of course, they are made of high quality metals and other materials, so they can be very durable. We also check their popularity, prices, ratings and customer reviews.

simplehuman Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror, 5x Magnification, 8 inches

simplehuman-Sensor-Mirror-Sensor-Activated-MagnificationThis mirror is one of the best and most popular magnifying mirrors on the market. And it is also the coolest mirror. This mirror is perfect for those who are looking for a modern style magnifying mirror. It has built-in lights and can detect your approaching. Once the distance is short enough, the lights will be turned on to welcome you. Therefore, you can see clearly and finish any beauty task and you don’t need to worry about any color distortion. These lights have a rechargeable battier that can be charged via USB. Once you have it, you will know how easy you can apply flawless makeup anywhere.

Floxite 10X/1X Daylight Lighting Magnifying Mirror – 10″ Mirrors

10X-1X-Daylight-Lighting-Magnifying-MirrorThis mirror offers natural lighting, so this can be not harmful for your skin and face. With it, you can apply flawless makeup at any time. This best basement mirror’s built-in lighting can offer you surprising results. The level of magnification is 10x, so it is even perfect for any tricky tasks. Thanks to its compact design, you can move it around easily and place it easily.

Tweezerman Tweezermate 12x’s Magnification Mirror

Tweezerman-Tweezermate-12xs-Magnification-MirrorIf you need not a permanent mirror, you don’t need to pay more for one. For example, if you need a travel mirror, you really don’t need to cost more than $100 to get a high-end one. This mirror is designed for this purpose and it is very affordable. It offers up to 12x magnification, so it is perfect for tweezing or other tasks which require a very close up. Plus, it also comes with suction cups, making it perfect for dorm rooms or travel. It also can double as a makeup mirror. Due to its compact design, it takes up little space in your work space.

Jerdon HL9510N 8″ x 10″ Oval Lighted Vanity Mirror with 10X and 1X Magnification

Jerdon-HL9510N-10-Inch-Magnification-SettingsIf you need a vanity mirrors, this one is a great choice. You may hear the name of Jerdon that is really very popular when referring to vanity mirrors. This one is one of the best vanity mirrors. It is durable, because of being made of high quality metals. And it looks stylish. The size is ideal, not too small or too bulky, so you can use it to see your entire face with ease. It has 3 light setting options, from low, medium to high. This depends on the surround light. It is also a dual side vanity mirror that can magnify 10x. And on its bottom, there is a little mirror that can magnifies 15x. Once you have it, applying eyelashes become so easy.

Conair Oval Double-Sided Illuminated Mirror, Polished Chrome Finish

Conair-Double-Sided-Illuminated-Mirror-PolishedThis best magnifying mirror is one of the most affordable, popular and high quality magnifying mirrors you can trust. This fog-free basement mirror is perfect when you need to get ready at any time. It is designed to be portable and its style makes it look good on nay countertop, because it features a shiny modern style. It can magnify 7x and on the rim there is a series of led lights on the mirror surface, so any task can be seen clearly with ease.

How to remove chloramines from our tap water?

chloraminesWell, do you know: “how to remove chloramines from our tap water?” Actually, we have enough reasons to do this:

  • Dry and scaling skin
  • Erupting, oozing skin
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Hacking coughs
  • Itchy, burning and swollen eyes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Peeling fingernails
  • Raspy throat
  • Severe skin rashes
  • Skin described as having chemical burns
  • Skin outbreak ‘like hives’
  • Sneezing
  • Stomach aches
  • Swollen ears
  • Yeast infection
  • Ammonia toxicity from consumption, especially for those with liver, kidney or urea cycle diseases People who keep aquariums know that they have to remove the chloramine – or the fish die.

How to Remove Chloramines

Now that there are chloramines in our tap water, we need some ways to get them removed from our drinking water. 3 methods can be used to get chloramines removed from tap water.

1. A chemical dechlorinating product is considered as the easiest and cheapest way to remove chloramines. However, you should pay attention, when you are buying one. This is because not all dechlorinators and water conditioners have the same function. Therefore, you should read the labels carefully to make sure it can remove chlorine, chloramines and ammonia. Some of them cannot remove ammonia that may cause cancers. Be aware of this!

Although some products are able to separate the ammonia from the chlorine and break the chloramine bond and eliminate chlorine, the released associated toxic ammonia are also left in our water. Therefore, make sure you have read the labels carefully. Mostly, an additional product specializing in eliminating or detoxifying ammonia is recommended to use. The labels will tell you which one to choose from. If you feel this is so complicated, you’d better buy one product that can remove chlorine, chloramines and ammonia at once. This type of water conditioners is easy to use. Click here to find the best water conditioner on the market.

2. Install a reverse osmosis system to filter your tap water. When you choose a RO system, make sure it is able to remove the 3 types of contaminants: chlorine, chloramines, as well as ammonia. There are plenty of ro systems on the market. Click here to find the best RO system to filter your tap water.

3. Install a faucet water filter or an under sink carbon filter. However, when you plan to purchase such a filter, you also need to make sure it has high quality carbon. And if the contact time of water and the filter is not sufficient, the effect will be not good. This means carbon water filters are not the ideal choices. Plus, carbon will be exhausted fast and you need to buy filter cartridges regularly to replace the old ones. If you have decided to get one, choose one with an indicator that can remind you when to change its filters.


Among the above 3 methods used to remove chloramines, reverse osmosis is considered as the most effective way to do this. And it will not make you feel disappoint. Although RO systems will cost you much, it deserves to have.

Is an Activated Carbon Filter Good Enough to Purify Water

carbon-water-filterThis is question that people who are the first time to plan to get a carbon filter may ask: “Is an Activated Carbon Filter Good Enough to Purify Water”. This question is really practical and there is something valuable to discuss, like its effectiveness, abilities, prices, etc.

My answer is that such an activated carbon water filter may be good enough or may be not good enough, depending on what types of contaminants are really in your water. Like I wrote in another post, there is not a water purifier which can remove all the contaminants in our water. If your current water quality is relatively good, it may be relatively safe to drink. And you can use a carbon filter to improve the taste and smell of your water by removing smell-causing or odor-causing pollutants. Other particulates can also be removed.

However, not all the water treatment companies remove all the threats in our water and some traces of impurities (like lead, viruses, bacteria etc.) are also in our tap water. In this situation, such an activated carbon filter is not good enough to deal with these contaminants. After all, it has its limitations.

If you just want to improve the taste of your tap water, such an activate carbon water is really an affordable option used to treat tap water. But such a filter only can remove some chemical residue and certain particles and its abilities to remove different contaminants depend on its initial goals of its design. Some of them remove pollutants more effectively than others.

If you find that there is a large amount of lead, bacteria and other pollutants in your drink water, carbon filtration is not the suitable filtration choice for you. Therefore, before making a decision on buying a certain filter, you’d better test your water to find what’s in your water. You can ask your local water testing facility or health authorities for helping you and you also can buy a water testing kit to have your water tested yourself. This can affirm your suspicious or the safety of your drinking water.

During the process of collecting your water for testing, you should not avoid contaminating the sample. You’d better strictly follow the water-gathering steps you inquire.

Although most water treatment plants are required and monitored to meet water quality standards, distribution systems may be old and bacteria can easily enter into our water. Traces of lead are even found in our tap water because of aging infrastructure. From the water treatment company to our faucet, there is a long distance and anything can happen. Plus, the addition of chlorine can also leave a residue in the tap water.

If there is a disaster like flooding, our water systems will also be invaded. Bacteria can easily entry our water systems because it easily mixes with flood water and ground water. These bad events can lead to poor water quality and it is essential to test our water.

If your testing results show there are many bacteria and pollutants in your water, you may need at least a secondary water filtration system to remove them and only a carbon filter cannot solve your problem. The best solution is a more than 2-stage water filter that combines an activated carbon filter with reverse osmosis, water distiller or UV filtration unit for purifying our drinking water. More stages of filtration mean more effective to remove those contaminants in our water, ensuring the safety of our water.


waterAfter working outside in your garden in the sun for a long-time, you may feel tired and thirsty and want to drink a glass of water. So you return to your home, turn on the tap, fill a tall glass with water and cannot wait for drinking it all down. You feel satiated and you may want to drink another glass of water which seems pure and good-tasting. However, do you consider that what’s in our drinking water or whether there are some hiding toxic pollutants in our drinking water?

The bad thing is that the answer is definitely yes. There are plenty of contaminants in our water.

Even if the tap water has been purified by our local water treatment company, this doesn’t mean our water is pure. The fact is that many impurities can leach into our water supply. Another fact is that water companies use some kinds of disinfectants, making the tap water not pure as it seems. If you have a private well, there are also many impurities from rock or soil. The following substances exist widely in our drink water.

Harmful Chemicals

Chlorine and other chemicals

If the water you use is from a public water supply, the water has been treated or filtered. However, Chorine and other chemicals may not be filtered, because they are used by many water treatment facilities as disinfectants to kill off bacteria in our water. However, these chemicals are not removed. Therefore, you have to drink a small amount of chorine every day, which is poisonous to our health for a continuous intake every day. It has been proven that long-time exposure to chorine may cause serious problems, like birth defects. And if you have sensitive hair and skin, it is also a big threat to your skin and hair.


Fluoride is often added in our tap water, because it is helpful to our teeth. However, you may not like this redundant gift in our water. Some researches show that many cancers in young boys are related to this addition in our water. And many tooth pastes also contain fluoride to keep our teeth healthy. If long-exposure to fluoride happens, it may cause some diseases. Related post: how to remove fluoride from drinking water.


In order to keep grass greener without any bug, many families have to hire a professional to spray pesticides on the lawn and around the house, but this can inevitably pollute the underground water. This also happens on the local golf course. These pesticides can leach into the earth and finally into the ground water. Even if you have a private well, you couldn’t avoid exposing to Pesticides


Arsenic is also widely in our underground water and it is notoriously poisonous to our human beings as well as other animals. Arsenic contamination of ground water has become a very serious problem, affecting millions of people in the world.

Pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications

Many people may think this is not a problem. However, it is so common for people that they flush their unused Pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs down their toilet or just throw away them and allow them to flow down the under sink drain. Unfortunately, these medications will leach into our underground water or river and finally come back in our drink water. If our babies, toddlers and children are exposed to these items, it is really worrisome. Both their health and growth may be affected.

Virus and Bacteria

There are also many organics in our water. For example, Virus and Bacteria are widely in our water. These organics can cause many serious diseases, like diarrhea, respiratory tract infection, organ failure, etc.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are able to land in our drinking water when you turn on your faucet. They can penetrate into water from the soil and some are from our pipes. For example, if your house was built before 1975, the pipes might contain lead and lead can leach into our water. Lead can cause many serious health problems, like anemia, irritability, miscarriages, and nerve damage. Even if they are new, metal pipes can be corroded and break down gradually. I think no one would like to drink poisonous water.

Well, how to remove these contaminants in our water?

Now, it is time to purify our water. First, you need to get your drink water tested. You can test yourself by purchasing some water testing kits or hire an expert to check the water quality at your home. If there are many contaminates in your water, you may need to get a product to solve these disturbing problems. Here, we list several ways that can help you purify your water.

Active carbon water treatment system

If your water quality is relatively good and you just need to improve its smell and taste, you can use an active water filter to absorb some substances that cause a bad smell and odor. However, it cannot remove most heavy metals, chemicals and kill virus and bacteria.

RV light water treatment system

UV- ultraviolet light waves can be used to purify water, especially used to kill bacteria and virus in our water. It can also reduce the presence of other impurities, like chemicals, lead etc. However, you have to replace its bulbs every year at least. It is recommended to use it to disinfect your water 24×7 hours per week.


Theoretically, distilled water is the purest water in the world, because I don’t contain any other substance. Source water is heated to boiling point; liquid water becomes steam and rise. The water vapors are led into a condenser to condense and the water vapors become liquid water again. Other contaminants almost don’t become stream and rise with water vapors and they are left in the boiling chamber. Therefore, this process is distillation that can separate water from other substances. Well, there is no law that has no exceptions. VOCs may arise with water vapors. Therefore, a post water filter is used to remove them. You can buy a home water distiller to make distilled water at home.

Reverse osmosis water treatment system

Reverse Osmosis is regarded as the most effective way to purify water. It has a Semi-permeable Membrane which only allows water to pass through. If the pressure is applied on the contaminated water side, pure water will be forced to pass through this membrane while other contaminants are left one the other side. This process is called as reverse osmosis, because normal osmosis is reversed. There are many reverse osmosis water filters that can offer us plenty of gallons of water. Other types of filters cannot provide enough water in a relatively short time. Click here to learn more about these best water filters.

Water soften water treatment system

Water softeners are only used to soften hard water. They can soften your water, which can protect your pipes or appliances from building up a scale and clogging. Therefore, if your water is so hard, a softener can protect your appliances and pipes.


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How to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

Fluoride-PoisonMore and more people feel worried about fluoride in the drinking water, because public fluoridation of drinking water may be beneficial to dental health but not beneficial to our body, making it a controversy issue. In this post, we’ll discuss the most effective way to obtain water without fluoride. I also list some ways that cannot  get fluoride removed  from our water. Therefore, you can find the best way to remove it.

Effective Ways to Remove Fluoride

Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems

Reverse Osmosis is regarded as the most effective way to purify water. Or course, it can remove fluoride in water. Most water companies use it to produce bottled water and some are not fluoridated. However, installing such a RO system may cost you about from $200 to $700 and you need to change its filters every 6 to 12 months. Therefore, reverse osmosis water filters are not affordable for personal use. If you have a large family, you can install an under sink reverse osmosis system to get pure water to cook, drink or even wash.

Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter

This type of filters are especially designed for areas where fluorosis is very prevalent and serious. They are very expensive and you have to change its filters very frequently to make it effective. It is a choice for home water filtration.

Distillation Filtration

Some bottled waters are distilled water. There are many distillation filters available on the market and they can remove fluoride. However, when you need to buy bottled water, distilled water doesn’t suggest it is good enough for drinking and there may be some impurities in it. A commercial water distiller is costly and you can choose a home water distiller to make distilled water at home. The price is a little expensive, from $199 to $599.

Ways cannot remove fluoride

Water pitcher filters

There are many water pitcher filters  on the market (like Brita. Pur, etc.) and they are very cheap. Some websites said they can remove, but I check these product descriptions on their official websites and found they cannot remove fluoride. Of course, they can improve the smell and taste of your water.

Boiling Water

Boiling water will kill viruses and bacteria but not remove other contaminants, like fluoride. On the contrary, the fluoride is concentrated due to the reduction he of water.

Freezing Water

If you think freezing water can get rid of it, the fact is that it doesn’t affect its concentration.

How to avoid Fluoride Exposure

  • Some supplements may contain fluoride, so don’t take them and ask your doctor to change another supplement.
  • Some bottle beverages may contain fluoride, so check labels carefully before buying one. If bottled water is not purified by reverse osmosis filtration systems, they mostly are made with public tap water that is fluoridated.
  • Most toothpaste contains fluoride and if you plan to avoid it, try some unfluoridated toothpastes.
  • Don’t Drink red or black tea
  • Of course, drinking tea has many benefits to our health because of their heathy chemical compounds. However, the leaves which are used to make black or red tea contain high levels of fluorine naturally. Therefore, if you want to reduce your Fluoride Exposure, don’t drink them.
  • Tinned fish and canned food items.
  • As a preservative, Fluoride is  used widely. Check the label of a canned item carefully.
  • Chewing tobacco may contain fluoride and don’t use it.
  • Black or red rock salt and related items may contain fluoride and don’t use them.
  • Some medication (like antidepressants) may contain fluorine and don’t take for a long term.


Can You Drink Distilled Water?

bottled-waterWhen it comes to distilled water, many people have many questions, such as

  • Can you drink distilled water?
  • Is distilled water safe to drink?
  • How to make distilled water at home?
  • What is distilled water?

These questions suggest distilled water is controversial, and some people accept it, while others may say no to it.

Can You Drink Distilled Water? To answer this question, we need to know some facts. The answer may be different according to different factors.

What is distilled water?

To answer this question, we need to know how to make distilled water. As one way of water purification, distillation can distill any water. There are several types of distillation, but the basic principle is the same. We know that different matters have different boiling point. This phenomenon is obvious in a mixture. Water in a boiler is heated to the boiling point (about 100 centigrade). Other Chemicals which can boil off at a lower temperature will be collected and finally filtered out by a post-filter, while other substances or chemicals don’t boil are left in the boiler and liquid water becomes vapor and rises. When the water vapor is led to another container and finally condensed into its liquid form, then the liquid water is called distilled water that is of higher purity than its original water.

Can You Drink Distilled Water?

Generally, I should say you can drink it, because once the drink water (like well water, tap water etc.) is distilled, the water we get becomes much cleaner and more pure than before. It is safe to drink. However, we also need to know its disadvantages. Once obvious disadvantage is that all the natural minerals are removed using distillation. Therefore, compared with spring water or natural mineral water, distilled water is considered to be no better. Some minerals are beneficial to our heath, like iron, magnesium, calcium etc. On the other hand, if the water you want to drink contains many contaminants (like heavy metals, toxic organic compounds etc.), you may would like to drink distilled water.

You can buy bottled distilled water at a local grocery store, if you would like to. This is one source to get it. However, not all distilled water from different sources is safe to drink. Distilled water from industrial sources is not safe to use because of its lower purity. There are many other contaminants in it, making it unsafe to use.

Another factor may cause impure distilled water is the contaminated equipment you use to make distilled water. During the distillation process, some contaminants from the tubing and glassware may leach out, polluting the distilled water again. Both home distillation and commercial distillation have this problem.

If you use a home water distiller, make sure the boiling chamber is made of stainless steel, and the tubing is made of bronze, and the condenser is made of glass. You also need to clean it on a regular basis. If there is a post-filter, you also need to replace it on a regular basis, too.

Best Apple Peeler Reviews

There are many benefits of eating an apple every day because there are many nutrients in an apple, such as minerals, Vitamins, Protein & Amino Acids, Fats & Fatty Acids etc. You can read this article to learn some benefits of eating apples: 15 health benefits of eating apples. However, nobody would like to remove its skin with a small knife or a small hand peeler. If you just need to deal with one apple, a small hand peeler or a knife is enough. If you need numerous apples without their skin to prepare a dessert pie, you will find you really need a mechanical peeler to do the job quickly for you. Or once you have an apple peeler, you will not use other tools anymore, because it is so easy and convenient to use.

We’ve selected best Apple Peeler for you. If you just need on, just go ahead.

VICTORIO VKP1010 Apple and Potato Peeler, Suction Base

VICTORIO-VKP1010-apple-peelerThis peeler is great for those who love potatoes or apples but don’t care for the peel. This one can help you a lot. With only a few turns of the handle, it can peel very quickly. If you need to peel potatoes, you need to remove its coring blade and peeling potatoes is so easy. It is also very durable. It is OK even for a heavy use. It is enamel-coated cast-iron that is very sturdy. And the blades can be adjustable and replaceable. It can work for you for many years even with heavy use. What’s more, it strong suction base makes it firmly in place on smooth surfaces. A 5-year warranty is also included.

Back To Basics Apple and Potato Peeler

Back-To-Basics-Apple-and-Potato-PeelerYou can use this peeler to peel, core and slice apples with ease. It is enameled cast-iron. The peeling process is relatively easy. The apple is attached to a special holder and its stainless steel blades will slice the skin easily. It is also equipped with a suction cup, making it firmly grip the counter surface. It is also easy to clean it. A 5-year warranty is also included. It is also one of the best apple peeler on Amazon and gets an average rating of 4.0. You also can use it to peel potatoes.

Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler with bonus core slicer

Starfrit-93013-Pro-Apple-PeelerThis peeler can help you peel an apple within 5 seconds or less. Therefore, if you have to peel plenty of apples, it can help you a lot. It has wider blades, so you can use it quickly peel apples. This process is much faster than using cast-iron type that most cooks use. It can deal with irregular-sized apples, too. Once you have used it, you will find its superb ability to slice the apple and eject the cores.

This apple peeler is one of the most popular and best-selling models on Amazon. There are over 800 customer reviews and the rating is up to 4.3. What’s more, it is affordable, not costing much but brings you convenience. Most people highly recommend it.

Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler

Starfrit-93209-electric-peelerIf you feel tired of handing operation, you can this electric peeler: Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express. It is able to peel the following foods Potatoes, Cucumbers, Apples, Pears, Peaches, Turnips, Onions, Tomatoes, Radishes and Kiwis. If you love cooking, it is really a great helper in your kitchen. If you plan to try something new, you can try this Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express – Electric Peeler.


Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink?

bottled-waterMany people buy bottled water to drink and they think bottled water is much cleaner than tap water, because it has been purified by water filtration system or the water is from a raw water source, like spring water is from a spring. However, bottled water may be not suitable for drinking, even if some manufacturers advocate that their water is spring water, distilled water, or UV filtered water. If you are always drinking it, now I need to tell you something very important.

Clean or not Clean

Firstly, do you know how many contaminants are in the prepackaged bottled water? You may think it is totally pure. However, the fact is reverse. There are many types of contaminants have been found in bottled water, like chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, virus as well as other types of contaminants. What’s worse, most bottles are made of plastics, which may have BPA problems.

Low Cost or High Cost

If you insist on drinking bottled water every day, you will find it costs more than you can imagine, even if one bottle seems affordable. Another issue is the environment problem.; It is totally unfriendly to the environment and all the plastic bottles are hard to decompose in landfills. The following cost is much higher than the producing cost. Therefore, more and more countries have banned bottled water.

Which to Choose

Therefore, we should do our best not to use plastic bottles. Instead, we can choose other containers (no plastics) to hold and transport water. These containers should be made of BPA-free stainless steel or aluminum, because they are reusable. If you insist on buying plastic bottles, you should choose BPA-free bottles at least. A Steel bottle is much better because the on-going cost is reduced and it is much more durable. If you use a water cooler dispenser, the water bottled needs to be disinfected on a regular basis. It is not recommended buying bottled water, because as I said before, bottled water isn’t as pure as it seems. If your tap water is high quality, you can refill the water bottle with tap water. You also can install a RO system and refill the bottle with RO filtered water. You also can get a carbon filtered dispenser bottle that is specially designed for a water cooler. The type of bottle can improve the smell and taste of your water by reducing the chlorine. However, it may be not effective for other types of contaminants.

The Bottom line

If you insist on consuming bottled water, make sure the water quality is good and there are no harmful contaminants. If you know nothing about the water quality, it is not advised to drink bottled water. Unless you are a professional, it is so hard to know the real quality of your bottled water. Therefore, choosing a stainless steel or aluminum water bottle is a wise decision. Disinfect your water bottle every month!