Best Magnifying Mirror

Magnifying mirrors are designed for dealing with many daunting beauty tasks. You can use a magnifying mirror to simplify these time-consuming tasks. When choosing such a mirror, the main feature you choose is the level of magnification. Generally, a 5x mirror is enough from most tasks which requires a little concentration. However, if you need to put in your contracts and apply false eyelashes and get in other super close for things, you need to choose at least a 8x or higher mirror. Besides the level of magnification, some mirrors even have built-in led lights, making them more competitive.

Best Magnifying Mirror

If you are just looking for the best magnifying mirror, our following list can help you. These mirrors were selected because they are not skew or distort and you can easily get a very clear, sharp and crisp view. Of course, they are made of high quality metals and other materials, so they can be very durable. We also check their popularity, prices, ratings and customer reviews.

simplehuman Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror, 5x Magnification, 8 inches

simplehuman-Sensor-Mirror-Sensor-Activated-MagnificationThis mirror is one of the best and most popular magnifying mirrors on the market. And it is also the coolest mirror. This mirror is perfect for those who are looking for a modern style magnifying mirror. It has built-in lights and can detect your approaching. Once the distance is short enough, the lights will be turned on to welcome you. Therefore, you can see clearly and finish any beauty task and you don’t need to worry about any color distortion. These lights have a rechargeable battier that can be charged via USB. Once you have it, you will know how easy you can apply flawless makeup anywhere.

Floxite 10X/1X Daylight Lighting Magnifying Mirror – 10″ Mirrors

10X-1X-Daylight-Lighting-Magnifying-MirrorThis mirror offers natural lighting, so this can be not harmful for your skin and face. With it, you can apply flawless makeup at any time. This best basement mirror’s built-in lighting can offer you surprising results. The level of magnification is 10x, so it is even perfect for any tricky tasks. Thanks to its compact design, you can move it around easily and place it easily.

Tweezerman Tweezermate 12x’s Magnification Mirror

Tweezerman-Tweezermate-12xs-Magnification-MirrorIf you need not a permanent mirror, you don’t need to pay more for one. For example, if you need a travel mirror, you really don’t need to cost more than $100 to get a high-end one. This mirror is designed for this purpose and it is very affordable. It offers up to 12x magnification, so it is perfect for tweezing or other tasks which require a very close up. Plus, it also comes with suction cups, making it perfect for dorm rooms or travel. It also can double as a makeup mirror. Due to its compact design, it takes up little space in your work space.

Jerdon HL9510N 8″ x 10″ Oval Lighted Vanity Mirror with 10X and 1X Magnification

Jerdon-HL9510N-10-Inch-Magnification-SettingsIf you need a vanity mirrors, this one is a great choice. You may hear the name of Jerdon that is really very popular when referring to vanity mirrors. This one is one of the best vanity mirrors. It is durable, because of being made of high quality metals. And it looks stylish. The size is ideal, not too small or too bulky, so you can use it to see your entire face with ease. It has 3 light setting options, from low, medium to high. This depends on the surround light. It is also a dual side vanity mirror that can magnify 10x. And on its bottom, there is a little mirror that can magnifies 15x. Once you have it, applying eyelashes become so easy.

Conair Oval Double-Sided Illuminated Mirror, Polished Chrome Finish

Conair-Double-Sided-Illuminated-Mirror-PolishedThis best magnifying mirror is one of the most affordable, popular and high quality magnifying mirrors you can trust. This fog-free basement mirror is perfect when you need to get ready at any time. It is designed to be portable and its style makes it look good on nay countertop, because it features a shiny modern style. It can magnify 7x and on the rim there is a series of led lights on the mirror surface, so any task can be seen clearly with ease.