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When do you Change the Water Filter?

Watts-543700 3-Stage-FilterIf you have a water filter, there is a question you should pay attention to – “When do you change the water filter”. This question is very important, because once the filters cease to be effective, the filtered water will be not pure as it used to be. Therefore, we should know when to change them before they lose their efficiency.

However, this question depends on several factors. Generally, water filters have their estimated life span that is measured in gallons of water. However, the estimated life cycle is only a guideline supposing you use filtered water on average water use. Therefore, it is not a good indicator to tell you when you need to change them, because every household uses a different amount of water every day. In the following, I will list some factors that may affect the life of your water filters:

Factors affect the life of your water filter:

  • The overall water condition: how many contaminants are in the water and how much do you want to filter every day.
  • If the water is very hard (hard water contains more minerals), the filters may be clogged by the building up scale.
  • How much filtered water do you consume every day, more than the average use?
  • If a filter is clogged or cannot filter out particles and contaminants, it become useless and ineffective. You have to replace it.

When to change?

  • If you detect an odor in the filtered water, this means your filters cannot work.
  • Filtered water tastes unpleasant.
  • The water pressure from the faucet becomes lower and lower gradually.
  • Filters are seemed very dirty with clear containers.
  • You have exceeded its life span that manufacturers recommended.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of your water filters, replace them on time is very important, ensuring that you always have clean filtered water to consume. A back-up replacement filter is essential for convenient change-outs. Different models use different filters that are sold by brand. You need to buy filters as same as your previous one.

Generally, if you have installed a reverse osmosis system, it is recommended to change its filters every 6 months to 1 year. Many models have an indicator that can remind you when to change them. Many faucet water filters may also have an indicator and you need to change its filer every 3 to 6 months.

What are Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Solar-Pool-Panel-SystemIf you want to use your swimming pool anytime or just extend the using time of it in a year, the first problem is that the water is too cold to swim. Therefore, installing solar panels to heat the water in your pool becomes meaningful, because compared with using a pool heater powered by gas, solar panels heat your pool without any energy from the grid needed and any greenhouse gas emissions. You may think power heating solar systems are expensive, but the fact is that they are not as expensive as you might think. In this post, we will talk about how they work and why you need them.

How Swimming Pool Solar Panels Work

Swimming pool solar panels are not solar photovoltaic panels that we use to power our home or charge batteries. They work differently. They have a sensor to regulate the temperature which you set according to your preference. A pump is used to filter the water and then water is sent by the pump through the solar collectors. When water travels through the solar collector array, it is heated by the sun. Warm water is led back to your swimming pool.

Types of Panels

Although there are numerous different models of pool solar panels, there are only 2 main types – Unglazed and Glazed.

  1. Unglazed – This type is made of heavy plastic and rubber. It is recommended to use it above freezing temperatures for better sufficient.
  2. Glazed – Its tubing is made of copper and its aluminum plate has a tempered glass covering. Therefore, it is more efficient than unglazed models and you can use it all year around.

Before choosing one, you should know how many panels you should install. There is a solar pool calculator to help you to calculate.

The Essentiality of Pool Covers

The swimming pool has a large surface, so the heat can escape easily if there are no pool covers. Pool covers are very important to keep the heat. It is highly recommended to keep one in place when you are not swimming in your swimming pool. This is especially very important at night. If you don’t use one, this is like pouring warm water into cold water in the winter.

Cost and Maintenance

There are many factors that may determine the cost of your pool solar panels, like the size of the pool, your geographic location and the orientation. Generally, it is estimated that investing in such a system may cost you about $3000 to $4000 and you can recoup the investment from several years to 7 years. The federal government or some states government may offer tax incentives, if you invest in solar panels, which can reduce up to 30% of the initial cost.

Generally, such a pool heating system can last for 15-20 years. In the first less than 7 years is the payback period, and from then on, the operation costs are almost none and they only need very low maintenance. If you don’t use them in winters, you should shut them off and keep them dry to avoid any damage from freezing in cold winters.

Some Solar Power Facts You Should Know

solar-roofIf you are planning to add some solar panel kits on your roof so that you can get green energy to use, firstly some basic solar power facts should be known. Due to solar panels’ self-sufficient feature, installing solar panel kits on your roof is helpful to reduce your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint, too.

  • The term of solar energy means energy from the sun. We can use some devices to harness the energy of the sun. For example, we use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity and we use solar tubes to heat water directly. In a word, solar energy can be a resource to power our home.
  • In 1876, William Adams discovered solar cells that make up of solar panels.
  • Similar to hydropower and wind power, solar power is also one of the cleanest energies and it is also a renewable energy resource.
  • Solar energy can be widely used to power our home, like heating water, heating our swimming pools, heating our home, charging batteries, powering many appliances(like solar fans), power outdoor landscape lights and RVs, etc.
  • Solar panels are made up of Photovoltaic panels (PVs for short) which are devices or equipment used to convert solar energy into electricity. Converting efficiency is about 15%. Although it seems very low, it is known that green plants are only 3% efficient at photosynthesis.
  • A solar power system can be separated from or connected into the grid. The term of net metering means you can connect your solar power system into the grid, so that you can sell your excessive electricity to the utility company. This can reduce your energy bill but get some money back from the electric company.
  • Similar to electric power, solar energy is also measured in KWH (kilowatt-hours).
  • Rechargeable batteries are essential for a solar power system, because they can store electricity generated by the solar panels, making it possible to use electricity at night.
  • You can try your best to use solar energy. For example, if your window is designed to orient the east or west, you can open your window to capture sunlight so warm your room. This is called as a passive solar design strategy.
  • If you have installed solar systems in your room, you may be qualified for tax credits offered by Federal and state which can reduce your initial cost.
  • Solar panels are durable to use and feature low maintenance. They can last over 20 to 30 years and warranties are also equal to the length of the time.
  • Solar panels can be mounted on the roof of your house and on a pole in the yard. Mostly, the roof is an ideal place.

Although investing in a solar power system is costly, it has many benefits in the long run. The solar power facts above can help you make a wise decision whether you really need such a system or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power for Home Use

SolarPowerSystemsThe most popular or common type of solar system for home use is the solar photovoltaic panel which is a device to convert sunlight into electric power. Solar panels are installed on the roof of a house and angled to mostly absorb the sunlight.

Top 10 Solar Energy Uses for Home

If you have decided to invest in installing your own solar power system in your house, it is recommended to ask a qualified solar professional for some help. You can tell him/her your specific requirements and situation, which can make your later investment value, or it is just a waste of money. Every coin has two sides and just remember their benefits and drawbacks in the following.


Self-sufficient – Solar panels will absorb the sunlight to convert into electricity which can be used to power your home’s electrical system or electrical appliances and lights in our house separately. Therefore, solar energy is a free energy. Solar panels make your solar home system self-sufficient. What’s more, if you have excess electric power generated by your solar panels, you even can make your solar power system set up for net metering so that the excess electricity can be sold to the electric company in the form of cash or a credit. As the decreasing cost of solar panels, you can completely rely on your solar power system without any power from the grid needed.

Reusable and clean energy –The process of photovoltaic conversion doesn’t produce any harmful emissions, making the solar energy very clean. And solar energy is reusable. The more this type of energy we use, the less carbon footprint our home produces.

Installation incentives – In order to encourage the use of renewable energies, Federal, state or local jurisdictions may offer tax breaks, discounts, grants and rebates for the installation. Therefore, this can reduce your cost.

Reduced dependency – Once you have installed a solar power system, this means the less electric power from the grid is needed. You become independent on the electric power from the grid. If you live in an area with frequent power shortages and blackouts.

Best Solar water heater for home use


High initial cost – Even if the Federal, state or local jurisdictions may provide you with multiple incentives, a home solar power system may cost you plenty of money – tens of thousands of dollars. Even smaller solar panels you buy are also costly. The whole cost depends on many factors, like its location, purpose, size, the goals of the householder, the situation of your home, and the amount of work which is needed to prepare. In a world, a solar power system is an investment

Not so Reliable – The system relies on the sunlight and the sunlight isn’t available for 24 hours per day or rainy, cloudy and snowy weather may cause weak sunlight which will influence the solar panels’ converting efficiency. What’s worse, some tall buildings or trees may shade your roof and the panels cannot receive sunlight all the time during the day. If the outdoor temperature is very high, this can also reduce the system’s efficiency.

Site Preparation – If you don’t have installed any solar power system before, the installing cost may be lower than you want to retrofit an old one. This because such a retrofit is more complicated than you think it should be. You may need to reconfiguring your house’s electric system, or you may need to upgrade, alter your home’s infrastructure systems. This will happen especially on the roof where your old solar panels were installed.

High Maintenance Cost – To keep your system working efficiently all the time, you need to do regular cleaning job by your hands. Solar PV panels need you to clean it on a regular basis. If there is a storm, you may feel worried about your solar system on the roof. Or you may need to arrange for a professional to repair any damage as soon as possible.

Best Solar Flood Lights Reviews

If you are planning to use some lights to illuminate your outdoor property at night, solar flood lights may be your best choices. They are made up with a solar panel, LEDs, rechargeable batteries, switches, as well as other sensors. Because of solar panel used, they are self-sufficient, without any electric energy from the grid needed.

LEDs or Halogen bulbs

They also can be used as solar security lights, because most of them are motion activated. If you don’t want to use its motion sensor, they also come with a switch to allow you to turn off its motion sensor. One of the advantages making solar lamps competitive with other bulbs is the use of LEDs, making them last longer than other conventional bulbs. And LEDs are not prone to burn out. However, not everyone likes LEDs and some people like traditional natural light from traditional halogen bulbs. Therefore, solar flood lights with halogen bulbs are also available on the market. However, they cannot last as long as solar LED flood lights.

Easy installation

Similar to other types of solar outdoor lights, flood lights are also pretty easy to install. Generally, mounting brackets and other hardware are also included in the package. The only thing you need to finish is to screw or bolt its mounting brackets onto any surface where you plan to locate it. Take locating the light on a wood surface for example. The only thing you need to make the mounting bracket screw to the wood using the screws which are also in the package. If the surface is a brick surface, you have to do some extra job. First, a hole is needed. You can use a cordless drill to do the job. And then you need to insert a masonry anchor into the brick, because screws cannot be screwed into the brick or its hole. The last step is to make the screws screwed into the masonry anchor which is also included in the package.

Best Solar Flood Lights

MicroSolar – Lithium Battery – 120 LED IP65 Solar Floodlight

MicroSolar-Lithium Battery-Solar-FloodlightThis floodlight has 120 pcs super bright LED bulbs that can emit 500 lumen of light. If it is charged fully during the day, it can deliver continuous 8 to 12 hours of light per day. The built-in Lithium battery is of high quality and it can last at least 2 years. The power of its solar panel is 10 watts. Its main body is made of aluminum, making it very light. It can be mounted on the ground or on the wall. Stakes for the light and the panel are also included. This one gets a high rating – 4.8 out of stars. Although the price is a little high, it deserves a try due to its high quality housing, LEDs, and batteries. People who have bought it spoke highly of its great performance.

Sunforce 82080 80-LED Solar Motion Light

Sunforce-82080As one of the most popular solar motion lights, of course, it is also a flood light. The separate panel is 1w(6v) amorphous and you can mount it almost anywhere you like. The brightness is very high, up to 900 Lumens, because of its 80 super-bright LED bulbs. It has a durable aluminum and ABS plastic housing. 5 AA NiMH 6v 900ma rechargeable batteries are also included. With this flood lights, there is no wiring or main power needed. It is completely self-sufficient. As a motion light, it can detect a 180-degree range of 30 feet. It is able to provide both lighting and security to your pathway, garage, shed, remoter cottage or other place around your house at anytime and anywhere.

Ultra Bright 30 Led Solar Light Outdoor Security Floodlight

Ultra-Bright-Solar-FloodlightThis one is very affordable. If you buy 2 or more, it can give you a discount of $2. If you buy more than 4, you can get a discount of $6. Attractive, isn’t it? This solar powered floodlight is durable and waterproof, providing with continuous lighting from dusk to dawn. It has an automatic switch. It comes with 30 super-bright LEDs. It is perfect for your garage, garden, road, shed, remote cottage, or anywhere you like. When you first use it, you need to press its switch on. You also can turn it off.

MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight

MAXSA-Innovations-40218This spotlight is designed for your walkway, entryways, patios, decks, steps, garages, balconies, carports, farm sheds and backyard. It has a motion sensor that can detect 40” away with a 180-degree area. It has 2 adjustable lights heads that allow you to cover 2 areas at once. The installation is also very easy and you don’t need to cost for hiring an electrician. It has 4 bright LEDs that produce up to 160 lumens. This one is also very popular. However, some people think some people think it is a little dim. Therefore, if you need brighter lights, you can choose others.

MAXSA Innovations 40225 Solar-Powered Motion-Activated 80 LED Security Floodlight

MAXSA-Innovations-40225If you think MAXSA Innovations 40218 is a little dim, you can choose this MAXSA Innovations 40225 which can produce over 300 lumens. Other features are similar to MAXSA Innovations 40218. Its weatherproof IP-44 rating feature means it is weatherproof and can withstand any weather.




Best Solar Lanterns Reviews

If you intend to choose a lantern for your yard or garden, solar lanterns are your best choice, because the combination of the solar panel, rechargeable batteries and the lantern makes the solar lantern energy-efficient and self-sufficient. If we use more solar energy, we can reduce our carbon footprint, making a contribution to our environment.

Here, we’ve made a list of top rated best solar lanterns for you to choose from. When we chose them, we consider many factors, like ease of use, the length of lighting, brightness, styles, ratings, as well as customer reviews.

Smart Solar 3960KR1 San Rafael II Solar Mission LanternMPOWERD-Luci-Inflatable-Solar-Lantern

This model features an elegant mission style and it is weatherproof, because it is made from durable poly with seed glass effect. You can put it on any surface or hang it with its included hanging loop. It has 2 warm white LEDs in the top. What’s more, its pillar candle has 1 warm amber LED that can deliver a warm glowing effect.

MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

MPOWERD-Luci-Inflatable-Solar-LanternThis one has a simple design. It is packable and inflatable. This means it is very portable, perfect for hiking, traveling, or areas where lack light at night. The solar panel is on the bottom. This one is very affordable and popular. Many people even think it is only a small toy but its performance surprised them. Therefore, the rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars and there are over 700 customer reviews. You also can buy it as a gift.

d.light LED Solar Rechargeable #S20 Area Lantern

dlight-LED-Solar-lanternThis best solar lantern can offer you the security of touching light once you need it. It is perfect for a weekend camping trip or a power outage. Its unique design makes it even great for rural areas in developing countries where lack electricity. The combination of solar energy and LED technology makes it a good replacement for the kerosene lantern.

Set of 3 Hanging Oriental 10″ Weatherproof Rechargeable Nylon Solar Lanterns

Hanging-Oriental-Weatherproof-Rechargeable-Nylon-Solar-LanternsIf you need solar lanterns to decorate your garden or yard, these hanging solar lights are your best choice. They come in 3 colors: blue, red and white. Each lantern has 3 bright white LEDs and a high quality solar panel. They are made from weatherproof 10″ oriental round nylon. Generally, they can deliver continuous 5 hours of light at night. You can hang them under a tree, your gate, porch, etc.

Whetstone 36 LED Solar and Dynamo Powered Camping Lantern

Whetstone-Camping-LanternThis one is versatile model you can rely one. It doesn’t only light up the night but also can charge your mobile devices, like iPhone, etc. Therefore, when you are camping and lack electricity, this camping lantern is so great. It can deliver bright light. It even has a 3-mode light switch which allows you to change the degree of brightness. Another feature is also great. It can be powered by hand crank dynamo. This design is funny. Once it runs out, you can swing it to power its LEDs.

Best Solar Christmas Lights Reviews

If a Christmas holiday lacks outdoor lighting, you may feel there is something losing. Solar Christmas lights are perfect not only for Christmas but other holidays, because they can decorate our garden and yard, making them full of romantic and festive atmosphere. They are affordable, easy to install, easy to use, environmentally friendly and automatically turn on/off themselves.

Generally, Christmas lights have a solar panel which you need to place it in direct sunlight for 2 hours per day at least. The solar panel can be placed on a roof line, mounted on the wall, or just staked into the ground. During the day, the solar panel receives the sunlight and changes it into electricity, and then the rechargeable batteries will be charged. At dusk, lights will be turned on automatically and they are powered by the electric power in the batteries. When at dawn, the lights will be turned off and the solar panel will begin to charge the batteries again. There is not any wiring needed, so you can place them at any place you would like to.

There are many types of solar Christmas lights that are able to satisfy your decorative tastes of any holiday. There are multi-colors lights or just modern whites lights for you to choose. The most popular Xmas lights are solar string lights (solar rope lights) in which LED bulbs are wired and encased in a plastic tube, so you can use it to spin to form traditional light strands. They can decorate your Xmas trees, wreaths, as well as lawn ornaments. Their plastic tubing can effectively protect them, making them weatherproof. Besides solar rope lights, other types of outdoor solar lights, like accent lights, deck lights, path lights are also great for Xmas as well as other holidays (wedding, parties, dinner parties etc.

Even if Xmas is over, you also can keep them handy, because they can make your outdoor space full of charming and romantic lighting.

We’ve made a list of the best Solar Christmas Lights for you to choose from, based on their performance, ease of use, lighting colors, styles, as well as customer reviews. Once you have one of them, you’ll find you will have a fantastic Xmas.

lederTEK Solar Christmas Lights-White Solar Fairy String Lights

lederTEK-Solar-Christmas-Lights-72ftThis string light is powerful and can offer you at least 8 hours of lighting at night once it is charged fully by its solar panel during the day. It is ideal for indoor use and outdoor use, no matter what the weather is. It emits cold white light and its LEDs like sparking stars, making it perfect for your patio, gate, porch, lawn and gardens.

lederTEK Multi-color Solar Christmas Lights

lederTEK-Solar-Christmas-Lights-multi-colorIf you would like to have colorful Xmas lights, you can choose this one. It has different colors LED bulbs, like yellow, blue and red. Of course, they can decorate your garden, patio, porch, gate, and lawn with colorful lighting.

lederTEK Solar Fairy String Lights Multi-color Blossom Decorative string lights

lederTEK-Solar-Fairy-String-LightsThe most impressive feature is its multi-color blossom shape, which is beautiful at night. It can last for up to 8 hours if fully charged. Its weatherproof feature makes it withstand any bad weather, such as snowy days, rainy days, etc. If you want to make your holiday special, you can try this Blossom Decorative string lights.

LE® Solar Rope Lights

LE-Solar-Rope-Lights-23ftThis solar rope light is easy to install and there is no wiring required. It is 21 feet long and has 50 LEDs. It comes in 2 light modes: steady-on light and flash mode. You can use it to mark any fixture in your garden, gate, porch or trees.

String Lights on Copper Wire by Deneve®

The-Original-Starry-Solar-String-Lights-by-BrightechI love this string light very much because of its simple and beautiful design. The LEDs are on copper wire, not tubing, making it very special.

Solar Garden Lights Buying Tips and Guides

Solar-Garden-LightWhen it comes to outdoor lighting, it is really not an easy task for most people. The installation seems complicated. Besides the cost of the lights you will purchase, you cannot avoid hiring a licensed professional electrician to install these lights. The whole process is also time-consuming. The trenching and laying wires in your garden are very complicated and they may destroy your garden as well. Therefore, if you plan to install low-voltage outdoor lighting, you should consider the cost and the difficulties carefully.

Solar-powered outdoor lights are a great alternative to solve these problems. Nowadays, they become more and more popular. This is because most of them are easy to install, replace, relocate and the initial cost is very cheap. What’s more, once you have installed them, you don’t need to pay extra electric bill for them. They are totally self-sufficient.

In the past, most solar garden lights only provided a dim light and couldn’t last for long, making them less convincible and reliable. But now, this problem has been solved due to the use of super-efficient and super bright LED bulbs which has taken the place of conventional filament bulbs. Compared with their predecessors, LEDs only emit lighting without creating extra heat. Therefore, the electro-optical efficiency is very high, making LEDs become much brighter than conventional bulbs, require less electricity to power and last for a long time. Now, they become reliable and they become more and more popular.

Another core part is the solar panel which has been improved in the past few years. Solar panels are made up of more efficient photovoltaic cells, so they can change more solar energy into electricity. The batteries have also been improved. They have a longer lifetime and have a larger capacity, allowing them storing more electricity. Now, they are weatherproof and they can emit lighting even in cold winter with short days. The overall performance is only a little decline owing to short days.

If you plan to add some solar garden lights to your garden, choosing the right type which can satisfy your requirements is very important. There are many different types of solar lights, such as solar accents, path lights, spot lights, string lights, deck lights, post lights etc. Now, let’s discuss some of them.

Solar Garden Accents

solaraccentlightsIf you only need lighting to mark a place in your garden and add a charming glow to the landscape, solar accent lights are perfect, because their low level of lighting is enough to create a romantic atmosphere. Low level of lighting means they can last longer than other types of solar outdoor lights. They can work for you for a whole night. Many lights can offer an accent light for several nights even if they are only charged on a single day.

The solar panels of accent lights are made up of multi-crystalline solar cells which are more efficient and can charge the batterieseven in partially shaded areas or on cloudy days. Most of them use amber LED bulbs which can emit softer lighting. Compared with white LEDs, they use less electricity, making them offer longer runtimes at night.

You can use them to make a large rock, a swimming pool, a fountain, as well other landscape hazards. This can help people know where these landscape hazards are in the dark and the soft lighting is also very fascinating. In a word, accent lights are the most affordable because of their lowest light output.

Solar Path Lights

Steel-and-Glass-Encased-Solar-LED-Path-Lights-Set-of-4If you need lights to illuminate your driveways, pathways, walkways or other small areas in your garden or around your house, solar path lights are the best choice. You even can use several of them to guide the way a long your dark walk or stairs. They typically come in ground stakes, hanging hooks, or flange mounts, which can offer you a wide range of choices. For example, if you need hanging lights, the ones with hang hooks are good. Most of them have stakes that allow you to plugin into the ground. Therefore, the installation is pretty easy. To illuminate the ground, most of them can focus the lighting downward. Similar to other types of solar lighting, they are also equipped with automatic on-off switches. Some even allow you to turn them off to store more energy for a long time holiday use. There are many different models on the market, different from power, colored lens, finishes, or timers. They are very popular in our garden.

Solar Spotlights

solarspotlightsSolar spotlights are able to provide the brightest lighting, so they are prone to be more expensive than other types of solar lighting. They can deliver a focus, bright beam of lighting on entryways, plants, rocks, or statuary. A good quality spotlight with good LED bulbs can offer a focus bright beam of light which is equal to a 40W incandescent spot light. Mostly, this is bright enough, although it seems it cannot compete with a standard 100W floodlight. Nonetheless, the light is clean and free.

Some models have its solar panel on the top, while other models allow you to install the solar panel separately. This depends on your needs. For example, if you have a large tree and want to illuminate its bottom, you can place the solar panel in a sunny place and install the lights under the tree.



Best Cockroach Killers Reviews

I think no one would like to live with cockroaches at home. Cockroaches are so disgusting. Well, what can we do if they invade our house?

The Cockroaches is one kind of ancient species. They evolved with extinct dinosaurs. In nature, they play an important role in the food chain. However, when they invade our house, apartment or home, they become a disgusting insect. Without any natural predators, they become unscrupulous – overrun any dwelling. They especially love to flourish in areas where there are full of food particles, like crumbs on counters or one the floor, grease from cooking and other uncleaned food stuffs. These areas full of good particles become their paradise. Therefore, if you plan to kill them, you should have to clean up these areas, making sure all the food particles cleaned up, or they will re-infest these areas.

As one kind of notorious insects, cockroaches are not easy to get rid of due to their hardiness. Therefore, all the best cockroaches on this list can be 100% effective to kill them. These killers are able to kill cockroaches most effectively and they are easy to use. We don’t consider the cost, because we have no choice but to get rid of these gusting pests. However, one thing you must remember although they are toxic, you should keep them far away from your pets and kids, ensuring that they are very hard to get.

Bayer 2 Tubes Maxforce FC Magnum Cockroach German Roach Pest Control Gel Bait

Roach-Pest-Control-Gel-BaitThis pest killer is very effective and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, when you use it, you’d better not spray it near baits, not use it in very dusty areas, and not use cleaners or heavy detergents, because the gel will dry out and roaches still would like to eat it up and roaches finally die. This killer is regarded as the top rated Pest Control Gel Bait and there are so many people who have bought it. It is really a must-have for your kitchen.

Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder With Lure, 16 oz.

Harris-Boric-Acid-Roach-Powder-with-LureThis one is a versatile one and it can kill not only kill roaches, but also water bugs, silverfish and palmetto bugs. It is able create a barrier through which roaches as well as other pests must crawl. It contains a food attractant, so cockroaches cannot refuse it. It also comes with an applicator tube which helps to apply it to areas difficult to reach. It is so effective.

Combat 41913 Source Kill Roach Killing System

Combat-41913-Source-Kill-Roach-Killing-SystemAs a bait station, it is pretty easy to use and very safe to use. It contains a metabolism altering substance which is called hydramethylon. A roach may carry this substance to its nest and roaches that ingest it will be killed too. The price is very low.

Raid Max Roach Killer

Raid-Max-Roach-KillerThis killer is a spray on synthetic pyrethrin. For lasting effects, it is infused with a petrochemical oil. It is pretty easy to use, just spray areas where roaches would like to congregate or just spray the area where you see roaches in sight. It is also very cheap, no more than $10.

Black Flag Roach Killing Chalk

Black-Flag-Roach-Killing-ChalkThis product is very easy to use. You can spread it along roach trackways you have known and you also can use it as a barrier between water/food sources and roaches. If they have crossed the line, they will not get a chance to cross it again, because they have been killed.

Best Cordless Circular Saws Reviews

There are two types of circular saws: corded or cordless. Thanks to the improved battery technology, cordless circular saws are as powerful as corded models, but more convenient. Manufacturers also design and produce cordless versions. When we choose them, just remember the higher voltage of its motor and the large capacity of its rechargeable batteries means it is more powerful.

Most early versions only supported a 3.5″ blade because their voltage was as low as 9.6v and the Ni-Cads batteries have a small capacity. But now, as Lithium-Ion batteries are used widely, the latest circular saws become more powerful and can support a 6.5″ blade. The Lithium-Ion batteries have a larger capacity and are able to be charged more quickly, which can help you quickly get back on the job without waiting for a long charging time. They have abilities to compete with corded versions. Corded models use 7-1/5 inch blade – a little bigger than 6-1/2″ bladed used on corded models, but the performance is similar to each other. You can use a cordless model for construction and it is capable of cutting plywood and standard dimensional lumber as well.

If you are looking for the best cordless circular saw, you can check our list below. When we chose them, we focused on their comfort, weight, convenience, prices, ratings, as well as customer reviews. They are the ones you can rely on. One thing you need to pay attention is that not everyone comes with 2 batteries. After all, each Li-Ion battery costs over $100. When you decide buy one, pay attention to this.

Bosch 1671K 36-Volt 6-1/2-inch Circular Saw Kit

Bosch-1671KThis one is one of the most powerful and fastest saws due to its 36V powerful motor. Compared with other modes, it is 26% faster. What’s more,the design is also great. You will feel comfortable when you hold and use it. A powerful motor means more efficient cutting job. It is really a good choice for professionals.

Milwaukee 0730-22 V28 Lithium Ion 6-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee-0730-22Thanks to its 28-volt lithium-ion battery technology, this model can provide 4200-rpm speed, making it extremely powerful. It also has a fast acting brake that allows you to stop it fast, which is helpful to improve your working productivity. This durable model can offer you powerful cutting accurately. It even can withstand rugged use.

DEWALT DCS391L1 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah Circular Saw Kit

DEWALT-DCS391L1Dewalts is a famous company that produces plenty of great power tools, like cordless drills. This DEWALT DCS391L1 saw is also of power and high quality. Its 3700 RPM is helpful to cut with ease. It is also lightweight and strong, thanks to its magnesium shoe. You can rely on it, because it can work for you for a long time.

Makita BSS610 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Kit

Makita-BSS610This one is a professional-grade saw, making hard to compete. It is able to deliver 3700 RMP with ease, offering fast cutting and ripping. Thanks to its ergonomic and compact design, it only weighs 7.1 pounds, so you don’t feel tired even you hold it to use for a long time. It also has a built-in LED light which can illuminate your work area in the dark. It also comes with a dust blower. I highly recommend you to get this because of its great features and performance.

Hitachi C18DL 18 Volt Li-Ion Circular Saw Kit

Hitachi-C18DLThis model is comfortable to use due to its light weight and soft elastomer grip. Its fan cooled motor, spot light and electric brake can help you work safely and productively as well.

At last, as I said at the opening, the alternative battery is very important. Some of them don’t come with an alternative battery that you may cost over $100 to buy one. Therefore, if the models come with 2 batteries and the whole price is also modest, it is a nice choice.