Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filtration System Review

Tap-Master-TMAFC-ROsystemDo you know what’s really in your drinking water? You can check this post for more information. Obviously, you will find there are plenty of different contaminants in our water due to the developing industries and the worse climatic condition. Of course, you can drink the water directly but you may pay the pay the price for the inflated costs of healthcare. Therefore, we’d better not take the risk of drinking contaminated water but use a water filter to get pure and healthy water to consume. Among many types of water filtration systems, reverse osmosis water filters are regarded as the most effective and economical ways to purify water. If you plan to buy the best reverse osmosis system, the Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filtration System may be your best choice because of its superb high quality and great performance.

Special Features

A 7-stage water filtration system

This best ro systems features a 7-stage water filtration system, which makes it stand out from others that only have a 4 or 5-stage filtration system. It is able to provide you with highest quality and most healthy water to consume. Plus, its carbon profilers use catalytic carbon filtration media to make the most stubborn contaminant chloramine removed because chloramine is used to replace chlorine nation widely and it is really a serious problem.

Up to 98% of pollutants can be removed

This best under sink water filter is designed to remove up to 98% of different pollutants in our water. Therefore, once you have installed it, you water quality can be greatly improved.

A unique modular filter design

This system is different from other RO systems. This system has a unique modular filter that you cannot find in other RO systems, like most Watts Reverse Osmosis Systems. Mostly, other RO systems only allow you to change the filter and only a few of them allows you to change its canister. And the collecting debris over time will make the canister become weak and finally cause a leaking problem. This leaking problem is found in many traditional reverse osmosis water filters, while this one doesn’t have similar problems because of its special modular filter design.

Easy to change filters

If you have used an old traditional RO system, you might find it is complicated to replace filters. Heavy tools as well as sufficient skills are needed to change the filters. However, this undersink water filter is designed to be easily changed. You can easily change its filters without many heavy tools needed or much sufficient skill required. This user-friendly design can make you easily access to clean and safe water. Plus, it comes with all tools needed. You can install it yourself without hiring a professional that may cost you some money. You also don’t need to go to a local hardware store to buy some tools. All you need for installation is included in this package.

Pros & Cons


This system comes with a comprehensive array of great features, making it one of the best reverse osmosis systems on the market.

  • A fully assembled system is included in the package. This will allow you to quickly start using it once you open the package. This also means there is a little effort required – an easy job.
  • A storage tank is included. All the filtered water is stored in the storage tank and you can get clean water without waiting once you turn your tap on. The clean filtered water is always ready when needed.
  • A chrome faucet and faucet adapter are included. Both the faucet and adapter are high quality. This means you don’t need to buy extra faucet and adapter.
  • Easy Installation – This system is designed for easy installation. The installation is pretty easy, even if you didn’t install such a similar system before. Plus, an instruction manual is also offered in the package. Therefore, you can install it without any problem.


Every coin has two sides. This system also has its drawbacks which you should pay attention to. Maybe some of them are also popular in other similar ro systems.

  • More wasted water – This water filter produces more waste water during filtration process. This problem is very common in many other RO systems.
  • This system is only able to produce about 50 gallons of clean water every day. For a small family, 50 gallons of water is enough. For a large family, the filtered water is enough for drinking and cooking.


Compared with other RO systems, this water filter is competitive. It can offer you clean and healthy water every day. However, if you don’t feel satisfied with its GPD output, you may need to pay more money for an advanced RO system, like the Home Master Hydro-perfection TMHP. In a word, this system is good enough for most situations.