How to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

Fluoride-PoisonMore and more people feel worried about fluoride in the drinking water, because public fluoridation of drinking water may be beneficial to dental health but not beneficial to our body, making it a controversy issue. In this post, we’ll discuss the most effective way to obtain water without fluoride. I also list some ways that cannot  get fluoride removed  from our water. Therefore, you can find the best way to remove it.

Effective Ways to Remove Fluoride

Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems

Reverse Osmosis is regarded as the most effective way to purify water. Or course, it can remove fluoride in water. Most water companies use it to produce bottled water and some are not fluoridated. However, installing such a RO system may cost you about from $200 to $700 and you need to change its filters every 6 to 12 months. Therefore, reverse osmosis water filters are not affordable for personal use. If you have a large family, you can install an under sink reverse osmosis system to get pure water to cook, drink or even wash.

Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter

This type of filters are especially designed for areas where fluorosis is very prevalent and serious. They are very expensive and you have to change its filters very frequently to make it effective. It is a choice for home water filtration.

Distillation Filtration

Some bottled waters are distilled water. There are many distillation filters available on the market and they can remove fluoride. However, when you need to buy bottled water, distilled water doesn’t suggest it is good enough for drinking and there may be some impurities in it. A commercial water distiller is costly and you can choose a home water distiller to make distilled water at home. The price is a little expensive, from $199 to $599.

Ways cannot remove fluoride

Water pitcher filters

There are many water pitcher filters  on the market (like Brita. Pur, etc.) and they are very cheap. Some websites said they can remove, but I check these product descriptions on their official websites and found they cannot remove fluoride. Of course, they can improve the smell and taste of your water.

Boiling Water

Boiling water will kill viruses and bacteria but not remove other contaminants, like fluoride. On the contrary, the fluoride is concentrated due to the reduction he of water.

Freezing Water

If you think freezing water can get rid of it, the fact is that it doesn’t affect its concentration.

How to avoid Fluoride Exposure

  • Some supplements may contain fluoride, so don’t take them and ask your doctor to change another supplement.
  • Some bottle beverages may contain fluoride, so check labels carefully before buying one. If bottled water is not purified by reverse osmosis filtration systems, they mostly are made with public tap water that is fluoridated.
  • Most toothpaste contains fluoride and if you plan to avoid it, try some unfluoridated toothpastes.
  • Don’t Drink red or black tea
  • Of course, drinking tea has many benefits to our health because of their heathy chemical compounds. However, the leaves which are used to make black or red tea contain high levels of fluorine naturally. Therefore, if you want to reduce your Fluoride Exposure, don’t drink them.
  • Tinned fish and canned food items.
  • As a preservative, Fluoride is  used widely. Check the label of a canned item carefully.
  • Chewing tobacco may contain fluoride and don’t use it.
  • Black or red rock salt and related items may contain fluoride and don’t use them.
  • Some medication (like antidepressants) may contain fluorine and don’t take for a long term.