Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink?

bottled-waterMany people buy bottled water to drink and they think bottled water is much cleaner than tap water, because it has been purified by water filtration system or the water is from a raw water source, like spring water is from a spring. However, bottled water may be not suitable for drinking, even if some manufacturers advocate that their water is spring water, distilled water, or UV filtered water. If you are always drinking it, now I need to tell you something very important.

Clean or not Clean

Firstly, do you know how many contaminants are in the prepackaged bottled water? You may think it is totally pure. However, the fact is reverse. There are many types of contaminants have been found in bottled water, like chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, virus as well as other types of contaminants. What’s worse, most bottles are made of plastics, which may have BPA problems.

Low Cost or High Cost

If you insist on drinking bottled water every day, you will find it costs more than you can imagine, even if one bottle seems affordable. Another issue is the environment problem.; It is totally unfriendly to the environment and all the plastic bottles are hard to decompose in landfills. The following cost is much higher than the producing cost. Therefore, more and more countries have banned bottled water.

Which to Choose

Therefore, we should do our best not to use plastic bottles. Instead, we can choose other containers (no plastics) to hold and transport water. These containers should be made of BPA-free stainless steel or aluminum, because they are reusable. If you insist on buying plastic bottles, you should choose BPA-free bottles at least. A Steel bottle is much better because the on-going cost is reduced and it is much more durable. If you use a water cooler dispenser, the water bottled needs to be disinfected on a regular basis. It is not recommended buying bottled water, because as I said before, bottled water isn’t as pure as it seems. If your tap water is high quality, you can refill the water bottle with tap water. You also can install a RO system and refill the bottle with RO filtered water. You also can get a carbon filtered dispenser bottle that is specially designed for a water cooler. The type of bottle can improve the smell and taste of your water by reducing the chlorine. However, it may be not effective for other types of contaminants.

The Bottom line

If you insist on consuming bottled water, make sure the water quality is good and there are no harmful contaminants. If you know nothing about the water quality, it is not advised to drink bottled water. Unless you are a professional, it is so hard to know the real quality of your bottled water. Therefore, choosing a stainless steel or aluminum water bottle is a wise decision. Disinfect your water bottle every month!