Primo 601088 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Review

Stainless-Steel-Hot-Cold-Bottled-Water-DispenserThis Primo 601088 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser has a good design and its performance is also excellent. As a bottom-loading water dispenser, it requires less effort to change water bottles and you don’t need to worry about any spill that a top-loading water dispenser may have. This unit doesn’t allow you to adjust its water temperature. However, it is capable of dispensing both cold and hot water. 2 separate faucets are available for cold and hot water. Hot water is useful for tea, instant coffee, soups and other things which need hot water.

This unit has indicator lights that can show you its status. From these indicator lights, you can know whether it is on, whether it is heating water currently, whether the bottle is empty and need to be replaced. Plus, it also includes an LED nightlight that can help you see clearly even if the current light situation is not very well. This design is useful because you can see clearly at night. The drip tray is not made of plastic but stainless steel and it can catch any occasional spill. Plus, this one works efficient and it is very easy to use and maintain.

A 1-year warranty is also included. If you need a bottom-loading unit, this Primo 601088 water dispenser is really a good choice.

[Rating: 4.9/5 Stars]

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