Steam Pure Stainlsee Steel Countertop Water Distiller Reviews

Steam-Pure-Stainlsee-Steel-Water-DistillerIf you want to invest in a water distiller, this means you have noticed the importance of water we drink every day. There are so many contaminants in our water, such as harmful chemicals, heavy metals, virus and bacteria, etc. If we drink impure water, we will get some water-borne diseases finally, like Amoebiasis, Cryptosporidiosis, Cyclosporiasis, Giardiasis, Microsporidiosis etc. Therefore, we need to drink healthy water. A home water distiller is an internment in the health of your family, because it can offer you clean distilled water. And this Steam Pure Stainlsee Steel Countertop Water Distiller is really a good investment in your family’s health. Once you have it, you don’t need to pay much money for bottled distilled water, but you can make distilled water at home. It is the best way and most economical way to get distilled water.

Key Features:

Compact design

This unit features a compact design, making it perfect for home, camper or RV. You can take it anywhere you like. Its dimensions are 7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2 inches. You can place it on your countertop or under the sink or any surface.

Heavy-duty construction

This distiller is built with durable stainless steel, making it much more durable. Only high quality distillers totally use stainless steel. There is no plastic used. Both inside and outside is made of 304 stainless steel. This unit is produced in the US, not importing from other countries, like China, so you don’t need to worry about its quality. Steam Pure is also a famous brand of Pure and Secure LLC – a famous company in the US. Their products(like water distiller, water filters) are popular in the world(130 countries).

0.9 gallon per 4 hours

This unit can provide you with 0.9 gallon water every 4 hours. It is advisable to drink at least 1 litter water every day for 1 person, so 0.9 gallon can satisfy 2 or 3 people’s needs. If you want more distilled water, you can make it running all the day and you can get about 5.4 gallon water per day.

Customer Reviews

You may find this model is not the most popular model on Amazon, but this one is ideal for those who want to buy a durable and high quality water distiller. Because of its heavy-duty design (without any plastic design), it is much more expensive than other popular ones. There are 29 customer reviews on Amazon and the average rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars. Pretty good, isn’t it. There are not so many negative reviews. The only complaint is that it is a little noisy when working. However, this is very common for all distillers, because almost distillers use a powerful fan to cool the steam. For most people, this is really a valuable investment in their health.

Where to buy?

If you plan to buy a high quality home water distiller, this Steam Pure Stainlsee Steel Countertop Water Distiller is your best choice. However, if you think it is a little expensive, other cheap models are also great, like WaterWise distiller or Megahome Distiller. You can read their reviews before making a decision. There are many online or local retailers, but I think the best place to purchase it is on Amazon, because the price is reasonable and there are many valuable customer reviews for you to check.