Top 10 best free alternatives for paid services

freemoney2When it comes to cutting expenses from your current budget, this doesn’t mean you have to give up something to lower your living quality. This means you can look for some free alterative for your current paid services and these free services are not different your paid services. Here, we’ve listed top 10 best free alternatives for paid service in your life.

1. Free Cable/Satellite

If you wish to chase the latest episodes you love the most, you can use Hulu instead of cable or satellite to keep up with them. Hulu even can offer you some shows on premium channels, such as history,lifetime, HGTV, etc. and then you can hook an antenna up to your TV to search for the latest shows to chase. On the internet, there are many networks that can offer at least 2 channels of programming, making more free TV available than before.

2. Free Movie Subscriptions

On Crackle and Hulu, there are plenty of free movies you can catch. Therefore, if you want to save money on watching the movie, browsing their libraries to find more free movies is really a good idea. If you want to see a relatively new movie, you can sign up with your mobile phone to receive the notice from Redbox. You can send a text message (offers)to 727272, and then a free rental code will be sent to you on the first Monday of every month.

3. Free Antivirus Software

If you are just using paid antivirus software, now you can try some free software, like AVG, Avast, or Microsoft Security Essentials. They are powerful enough to protect your computer without any virus or malware. They are free, which is very important. Now, you have enough reasons to trade in your current paid antivirus subscription.

4. Free Magazines

You also can end up your magazine subscriptions, when it is time to come up for renewal. In fact, there are some ways to avoid the paid renewal. You can use the method in this article to snag a free subscription for another year, or just make your current subscription run out but just get the latest magazine from the library. Nowadays, there are plenty of libraries allow you to check out magazines or download digital versions. In a word, borrowing seems better than buying, because you don’t need to pay more money and deal with outdated magazines that pile up.

5. Free Internet Service

Now you can try free wireless internet service from FreedomPop but ditch your broadband or DSL internet service. If the 4G free service is not available in your area, you can consider free wi-fi hot spots instead.

6. Free Cellphone Services

You can easily get 500MB of free data every month if you sign up on FreedomPop. You also use some apps like Heywire or Textfree to test for free, and you also can sue Textfree, Skype Mobile, or Viber to make free calls. You should kick the pricey cell phone package to the curb.

7. Long Distance

If you need to make a long-distance call, you can use Skype or other online voice service or your cellphone to make a long-distance call. To avoid that, you’d better cancel your long distance service on your landline.

8. Free Dental Care

Dental Care is also pricey and you can search for dental schools in your area. And then visit their website and make a call to know what kinds of dental services they provide. This can help you find free or cheaper dental care. If you are just a low-income individual, you may find free dental services in your local health department. You also can look for some free dental clinic. Here is website called, and visit it to check whether there is or will be a free dental care in your area.

9. Free Haircuts

You can look for a cosmetology school in your area and the service from it may be cheap or free. What’s more, if you are a hair model, some salons may provide a free cut.

10. Free Gym Membership

You may think you have to go to a gym for exercise. However, more and more church gyms offer the same amenities that a paid gym offers. These great amenities include walking tracks, weight rooms, game courts, or exercises classes. Therefore, you can find a church without the membership fee.