Top 10 Solar Energy Uses for Home

SolarPowerSystemsSolar energy is one of the cleanest energies in the world. We know that Plants can convert CO2 and H2O into sugar through photosynthesis, which is one way to store energy. Well, human beings are also can take good use of solar energy by the use of solar panels to convert solar power into electricity, which can help us to build sustainable and renewable power sources, making our world going green. The current fact is that we rely heavily on fossil energy in the past 200 years and the shortage and pollution make us have to face this more and more serious problems. Therefore, now, we need to take actions to do some changes. We can install some solar panels to gain clean energy, reducing our carbon footprint. Generally, the initial cost of solar panels and parts, and installation cost are also needed to take into account. This article we will talk about top 10 solar energy uses.

Heat Your Swimming Pool

In hot summers, solar pools become the most popular place for your kids and yourselves. Everyone expects the first jumping into the pool when the swimming pool is opened at the first day. However, the pool may be too cold to jump into it. In order to solve this problem, a solar blanket is advised to add to your pool, so that the water will be warmed during the day and you will find the water is not so cold when you jump into the pool. The heating process is so straightforward, without any wiring or installation. However, if you need a more efficient heating system, you just need to install a solar hot water system. In this system, solar hot water panels are installed or mounted on your roof to heat water and circulate water to the pool. This is a pump that slowly pumps the warm water to the pool, and then your pool is warmed.

Heat Your Water

You may have an electric water heater or natural gas water heater to get hot water in your house. Well, have you considered you actually can use solar energy to heat water? I guess you may think it is so complicated to install such a system and the initial cost may be very high. And you have been used to a traditional hot water heater, right?

However, if you plan to do some changes, you will find it is not as difficult as you think. It is as easy as changing an outdated air conditioner, natural gas water heater, or furnace. The efficiency can be increased by 15%-30%. Of course, the up-front cost is also required, but it is able to save you much money in the coming years. Therefore, it is a good choice.

Heat Your Home

Solar heating at home means passive space heating. The first example I will explain is to use hot water to heat our home. Of course, the hot water is created by solar water heater that has sun-heated tubes of water on your roof. The hot water is stored in a tank. When you need it, you can get it. Another example is the sun room or solar room, which is equal to the greenhouse effect. The roof is made of transparent glass. During the day, the glass room allows the sunshine to enter into the room to warm it. The plants, water, or rock in the room will absorb the heat and release the heat when the sun goes down.

Solar Powered Ventilation

In our homes, we need plenty of different fans, like ceiling fans, floor fans, bath fans, attic fans etc. We need them to move air for smell, moisture, comfort control. Fans are really great to keep us cools, dissuaded bad air and circulate the air. If they are all powered by the electricity from the grid and are kept working for a long time every day, your energy bill will increase, especially in hot summer seasons. If they are powered by solar energy, you don’t need to worry about this issue. Solar powered fans are available on the market.

Power Pumps

Water heaters need a pump to circulate water which I’ve mentioned in the previous examples. Generally, the pump is powered by the electricity from the grid, which will increase your energy bill. If the pump is also powered by the solar energy, this problem will be solved. The good combination is a solar panel and rechargeable batteries. The solar panel is used to generate electricity and batteries are used to store the electricity which can power the pump even if there is no sunlight, for example at night. We also can charge the batteries by using the power from the grid in case there is a bad weather.

Battery Charging

As I said me before, we can use solar energy to charge our rechargeable batteries and then the batteries can power our sump pumps, ceiling fans, TVs, lights, water cooler dispenser, as well as other electric powered appliances, if the batteries are enough powerful and have stored enough energy. Of course, some electric converters are needed. At least, you can use them to charge you mobile phone, power your DC lights. During the day, batteries are charged by the solar charger while are used through nighttime hours, helping you cutting your energy bill.

Power Your Home

If we can use solar energy to power our home completely, we don’t need any electricity from the grid and we even can sell some energy to the grid. This is not a dream. I will explain how this works. Solar panels are needed to convert sunlight into electric power. The generated electricity is DC power which is needed to convert into AC power, because most of our home appliances and lights are only powered by AC power. Through these essential devices, you can get clean and renewable power source to run your home. If the electricity generated by your solar panels is surplus, you even can sell it to your local electricity company and make some money. It is really a great deal.

Solar Energy For Cooking

Generally, we use gas or electricity to cook. Every day we need to cook to eat. The energy consumed by our cooking tools is huge and the energy bill might surprise you. Are you considering cooking with solar energy? The fact is that it is not as so difficult as you think. You can cook inside a solar oven to take the place of your conventional ovens at home.

Solar Indoor Lighting

We need lighting every day at home. In the past, the bulbs were used for lighting, which may cost you much for their high consumption of energy. However, now, we can choose LEDs that only need minimal power but provide the same brightness as conventional incandescent light bulbs and they can last for a long time without burning out. You can connect your indoor LED lights to your batteries which are charged by the solar panels on your roof. Then at night, all your LED lights can provide you enough lighting and don’t consume any energy that increase your energy bill.

Solar Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, solar lighting is your best choice. There are so many different types of solar outdoor lights you can choose. And you can use them for walkway lighting present, security lighting, etc. A solar light is made up of a solar panel, LEDs, rechargeable batteries and its main body, which is a compact system. It is easy to install or rearrange them. For different purposes, you can choose different solar garden lights, like solar path lights for path lighting, solar deck lights, solar spot lights, solar floor lights, solar string lights, solar landscape lights, solar lanterns, etc. Each solar light is a self-sufficient system and it will not cost you anymore except its initial purchasing cost.