Top 10 ways to save more money when buying new appliances

How to be a wise appliance buyer

buy-new-appliancesIf you need to set up a new home, replace your old appliances, or buy someone an appliance gift, there are some ways to help you save more money on buying new appliances. The following top 10 ways will make you be a wise shopper and the money you save can be used on other aspects. Plus, if you are limited to a budget, these tips can help your family budget.

1. Consider energy efficient appliances

When you need to buy new appliances, besides considering the buying cost, the operating costs must be also taken into account. Some appliances seem very cheap, but if the operating costs are high, you will pay more in the future. If you take this into account, there will be a big difference in your budget. Saving on operating costs is so important that we should buy Energy Star appliances which are considered as the most energy efficient appliances.

On the market, some appliances are included in energy certification programs like Energy Star, while others are not included. This means some are much more energy efficient than others. You can check the Energy Guide labels to compare their efficiency. For large appliances like dishwashers, washers, refrigerators and air conditioners, if they are CEE Tired certified, this means they are much more energy efficient and can save more energy in the future. Once you have bought one, there are more things you can do to lower your operating costs. For example, you using habits may influence the costs.

2. Avoid Frills but Go for Function

Some frills on some appliances may be essential for your lifestyle. For example, the programmable stetting on a water distiller or a coffee maker seem convenient to use and become an essential in your daily lives. If you are on time-of-use electricity rates, the delay start on your washer can save more money for you. On the other hand, we should say many features on appliances are frills, because you may never want to use them. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for these fluffs and just go for basic function.

These frills influenced prices very much. If you don’t need them, you don’t need to pay for them. If you plan to reduce cost, just choose one which really satisfies your needs without any bell and whistle. Plus, you’d better choose classic colors instead of trendy colors which will be out of fashion very soon. This also can save some money for you.

3. Avoid Expensive Maintenance Costs

For some appliances (like water filters, humidifiers, air cleaners, etc), their buying costs may be not so high, but their operating and maintenance costs can be very high.

For water purifiers or filters, you can choose one with washable or permanent type of filters, which can save you much. Generally, their filters should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year, according to the amount of water you may use every day. However, there is no water purifier that has washable filters, make sure the replacement cartridge filters are affordable. The efficiency should not be sacrificed at the same time. You can choose an affordable reverse osmosis system that needs to be replaced its filters or a Berkey water filter without changing its filters. However, the capacity of your filter is also very important. The one you choose is able to remove the pollutants you plan to get rid of in your water.

If you want to buy an air purifier, the CADR rating is used to measure the efficiency. You can denote the CADR rating on the packaging. If one has this certification, it means it is more efficient than others. Similarly, the efficient certification for air conditioners is the Energy Efficiency Ratio. If you need a vacuum, just choose a bagless model, because each vacuum bag may cost you about $10. This will save you much time, because you don’t need to cost time to find the bags.

When you need to buy a new appliance, you also can consider extended service contracts. They seem not a good deal, but it may save money for you if your appliance needs to be repaired later.

4. Go for Free Shipping or Delivery

The free shipping or delivery service may not be offered for all types of home appliances, but more and more retailers come with free shipping, saving more for you. If you buy large home appliances, this is very important. The freight may be very high. Some local retailers may offer free delivery to your home. You can negotiate the merchants for free delivery. Before buying a new one, you may need to deal with your old one. However, most landfill sites require tipping fees. Therefore, if you can save on the delivery, the bulks you saved can be used to remove the old one. Plus, asking for set-up free can also save you money and time. If you are not a professional, you may need to cost more time to install it or cost more money to hire someone to install it for you.

5. Choose the Right Size

The one you choose should not be oversized. This means overly large sizes or capacities should be avoided, because these appliances are designed for larger areas and not suitable for your home.

Big freezers sit half empty are not good enough and large refrigerators have more capacity that we will not use are not suitable. If we make the capacity empty, we also need to pay for it, which is a waste of energy.

If you choose a humidifier which is designed for a 400 sq. ft. room, it is oversized to your 100 sq. ft. room. An overly sized humidifier doesn’t mean high efficiency and may have many problems. It may cost you more energy and the excess moisture may destroy your other appliances or furniture. Oversized air conditioners are also a waste of energy and money.

Therefore, before making a buying decision, measure the area and choose the right size.

6. Buy Scratch & Dent Appliances

Appliances that have a scratch or dent may be cheaper than the ones without any flaws. Most dealers have these scratch and dent appliances. You can negotiate with them for a lower price. Of course, these products don’t have quality problems and you use it without any problem. If the scratch or dent is minor, it is a good chance to buy. If the scratch or dent is on the back of an appliance, it would be better.

7. Wait for Sale events

More and more home appliances tend to offer more discount during big sales events. For example, if you buy something on Black Friday, you can save more money. Therefore, if you plan to buy appliances and there is just a big sale event, you can wait and get great deals. You also can buy one after its typical season or at the end, because dealers would like to move the stock and may offer a lower price.

8. Avoid Cheap Knock-Offs

Although you may find there are so many appliances which are so cheap, the quality matters. If the quality is low, you need to buy a new one in the nearly future. Therefore, you should avoid these cheap, lower quality knock-offs. On the contrary, choosing dependable and reliable appliances can save you more in the future. If you don’t know which models is the best, you can choose a famous brand and read some customer reviews to know it is good or bad.

9. Buy Multifunction Appliances

Some appliances combine many functions together. If the price is reasonable, choose one and you will find it can save you money and space, because you don’t need to buy more appliances.

10. Choose Outdated Appliances

When newer upgrades are on the market, there are many outdated products at the same time. And dealers will clear inventories by reducing the price. If you don’t care about the upgraded color, design or functions, it is really a good chance for you to save some money.