Top 4 Best Lawn Fertilizers Reviews

synthetic_grass7Lawn fertilizers are perfect for your grass, because they can make your grass grow well and look lush, thick and green. Even you water your grass as your neighbor does, but your grass doesn’t seem as good as your neighbor’s. The secret may be the fertilizer. Your neighbor may use fertilizer. Generally, to make your grass look green and healthy, it is recommended to apply some fertilizer. If you plan to choose the lawn fertilizer, do you know how to choose the best one? The main nutrient of a lawn fertilizer is the nitrogen content that can make the grass grow strong and green.

We’ve chosen the best lawn fertilizer for you and you can choose one of them according to your preference. They were chosen due to their proven results, safety, prices, ratings, ease of use, trusted brands, as well as customer reviews.

Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Milorganite-0636-Organic-Nitrogen-FertilizerThis one is perfect for your flowers, tress, lawns, vegetables and golf courses. It has been trusted by many householders. It is not only a fertilizer but a seed carrier. Its main organic nitrogen fertilizer is heat-dried microbes. Beside this, it also contains some minerals, like 4% non-staining iron which can make your plants grow well. You can apply it to your plants at any time during their growing season. However, don’t use it too much and you need to read its instructions. It is also very safe to your pests or kids because it only contains safe organic formula.

Ringer All Natural Lawn Restore Fertilizer

Ringer-All-Natural-Lawn-Restore-FertilizerThis is not only a fertilizer but also a weed killer. Therefore, it kills weeds but makes your plants grow well. What’s more, this one is also very affordable. If you just need a economical one, it is the best.

Espoma ELF20 Organic All Season Lawn Food

Espoma-ELF20-Organic-All-Season-Lawn-FoodEspoma is a very famous company who produces trusted products. This Espoma fertilizer can be used in any season. You can use it as a short term or long time fertilizer. Due to its organic feature, it is completely safe for your pets and kids.

Miracle-Gro 1001832 Lawn Food Box

Miracle-Gro-1001832-Lawn-Food-BoxThe last one we recommend is this Miracle-Gro 1001832 Lawn Food Box. Its nutrients are chelated iron and nitrogen. It is specially formulated for turf grass. The price is also reasonable and one box can cover a range of 4,000 square feet. It is recommended to use this lawn food to feed your lawn 1 or 2 times every season. Many people spoke highly of its performance.