Waterwise 9000 Countertop Water Distiller Reviews

Waterwise-9000If you want to find the best water distiller for your family, this Wasterwise 9000 countertop water distiller is a good choice. It can offer you clean, safe and healthy water. Its design is also very nice. It features a blue jug with a push button dispenser. This means you don’t need to take it out but just push the button and you can get distilled water. You also keep this blue jug in your refrigerator and its dispenser allows directly to get water without fetching out the whole pitcher. Its white and blue colors are also perfect for your kitchen style.

Key Features:

1 Gallon Water Every 4.5 hours

It is able to offer you 1 gallon water within 4.5 hours. Generally, 1 gallon pure water is enough for a small family of 3 people to drink. If you need more water to drink and cook, you can make it working all the time and it can produce up to 5 gallons of clean water during a whole day.

Automatic Shut-Off

When one cycle of distillation finishes, it will shut off itself automatically. This feature is useful and can free you, because you don’t need to wait and you can go away. After 4.5 hours, you come to the distiller and get pure water. This design is also helpful to avoid some accident.

LightWeight and Compact

It has a lightweight can compact design. You can carry it with you even when you are traveling or visiting some poor countries where the water quality is not so good. And this distiller can make clean water for you.

White and Blue Colors

The jug with a dispenser is blue and the main body of the distiller is white. You can place it on your countertop in the kitchen and it looks nice and great, like the color schemes of other kitchen appliances.

The ability to remove contaminants

The reason we need a distiller is that we need to purify our water. This Waterwise 9000 has the ability to remove all kinds of contaminants, like chemicals, virus and bacteria, heavy metals, etc.

Customer reviews

The rating is 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. And there are over 40 customer reviews left by real users. You can check them before making a decision. After checking these reviews, I found this unit is a controversial distiller. Some people dislike it due to its leaking problem. However, most people don’t have similar problems and they spoke highly of this unit. For example, one guy said his waterwise 9000 was so good to offer good tasting water for his family. Maybe the leaking problem is just an occasional event and customer service may solve this problem.

How to Buy?

This is not a cheaper one, because it is a new version. You can purchase it on Amazon to get the best price.

Our Recommendation:

This one is not as popular as other cheaper models and it is much more expensive than them. If you have a limited budget, you can try other cheap models, like a megahome water distiller, or a low-end model: Waterwise 4000. In my opinion, I don’t think it is one of the best distillers and there are other much better options: best countertop water distiller reviews.