Waterwise Water Distiller Reviews

Waterwise water distillers are perfect for those who just need the best water distiller with many advanced features. These distillers can offer you 100% clean, pure and safe water for your family. They can remove all kinds of contaminants, like heavy metal, VOCs, Chemicals, virus and bacteria. In a word, they are effective and reliable. There are many different waterwise distillers on the market.

Here, we highly recommend you to buy Waterwise 9000, Waterwise 8800 or Waterwise 4000. Besides basic function, each of them has their different abilities. Before making a buying decision, take some time to read some reviews and choose the right one for your family.

Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller

Waterwise-4000-Water-DistillerThis one is basic one and the design is so simple. However, it is able to provide you with 1 gallon water within 4 hours. As a basic one, we don’t need to ask for more. It also comes with a glass jug to collect distilled water. When it finishes distilling, it will shut down itself, so you don’t need to monitor all the time. Its condenser is made of stainless steel, making it much more durable and easy to clean. The operation is so easy. Also it is a portable, compact and lightweight distiller, making it save much space on your countertop and allowing you to take it for travel. Its storage bottle can be directly put into your refrigerator. If you like traveling, just put it into the condenser, not take up any extra space. It is capable of killing viruses, bacteria and cysts, removing other heavy metals and chemicals. However, boiled water cannot remove any substances but only kill cysts, bacteria and viruses.

Waterwise 8800 countertop water distiller

waterwise8800If you want some advanced features, this Waterwise 8800 will not disappoint you. Besides its basic functions as a distiller, the following advanced features are cool:

  • A Programmable Feature – This means it allows you to program it when to start distilling. This is useful. You can program it to work at 4:00 am and you can get distilled water at 8:00 am.
  • A Digital LCD – It comes with a digital LCD screen to show specific status. With this, you can easily set it.
  • An indicator – It also has a post filter to furtherly remove VOCs in distilled water. Its indicator can remind you when it should be replaced a new one.
  • A Removable storage bottle and boiler – this design is useful, allowing you to easily clean them. And the bottle can fit in your refrigerator.
  • Compact design – perfect for travelling
  • 99.9% of contaminants can be removed.
  • 1-year limited warranty is also included.

Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller

Waterwise-9000The last one we recommend is the waterwise 9000. It is one of the best water distillers you can find on the market. It comes with many great features, too. When you use at the first time, not any assembly and installation is required. It can offer you up to 5 gallons per day. Generally, it can distill 1 gallon water in 4 hours. The cooling fan will work after 30 minutes later, which can improve the efficiency, because in the first 30 minutes, there is no obvious vapor rising. The removable boiling tank is easy to clean and can be filled quickly. Its stainless steel condenser makes it durable and safe to use. 1-year manufacturer limited warranty is also included.

Waterwise distillers are very popular and realizable. More and more families have chosen it as an essential investment in their water drinking health. It is really a big gift for your family.